asparagus en Early Start and End to MA Asparagus Season? <p>The warm March brought an early asparagus crop to farms that are known for it in western Massachusetts.&nbsp; WAMC&rsquo;s Tristan O&rsquo;Neill reports&hellip;</p><p>Now farmers are wondering if the cool spring will bring an early end to the season.</p><p>Sunderland farmer Michael Wisserman tells The Republican of Springfield he wasn&#39;t fooled when the temperature hit the 80s in March. He knew cool weather was coming.</p><p>So even though he was harvesting in April, a full month earlier than normal, now he wonders if the season can last its usual length, into late June.</p> Mon, 14 May 2012 11:55:10 +0000 Tristan O'Neill 38903 at Early Start and End to MA Asparagus Season?