Divergent http://wamc.org en Veronica Roth - Insurgent http://wamc.org/post/veronica-roth-insurgent <p><a href="http://thedivergenttrilogy.com/">Veronica Roth</a>&rsquo;s debut novel <em>Divergent</em> created a lot of buzz, as she brought the reader into a dystopian world that was divided into five factions. The book left readers breathless as the battle for control began, and in her highly anticipated second part of the trilogy, <em>Insurgent</em>, we pick up from where the first left off. &nbsp;Katie Britton spoke with Roth about the series and the process of plotting out all three novels.</p> Fri, 25 May 2012 15:59:35 +0000 Katie Britton 39775 at http://wamc.org Veronica Roth - Insurgent