Ferry http://wamc.org en Ferry Service Resumes On Hudson http://wamc.org/post/ferry-service-resumes-hudson <p>It&#39;s been decades since people could travel between two Hudson Valley communities without a car. Hudson Valley Bureau Chief Dave Lucas reports that ferry service between Greene and Columbia counties resumes this summer&hellip;</p><p><a href="http://www.hudsoncruises.com/taxi.html">Hudson Cruises</a> owner Captain Guy Falkenheimer says the Hudson-Athens ferry is back on the river and full operations are expected to begin in June. The first ferry service between Hudson and Athens launched in 1778 - The last &quot;official&quot; ferry to sail the 11-mile one-way trip was in 1947.</p> Fri, 25 May 2012 20:16:20 +0000 Dave Lucas 39803 at http://wamc.org Ferry Service Resumes On Hudson