Paul Elisha en Paul Elisha: Gratitude <p>This disgruntled commentator, increasingly discontent with a Federal Legislature seemingly unwilling to overcome personal differences in political bias, to create a climate of cooperation for the benefit of national well-being found himself ill-tempered, at the outset of the most festive time of the year, just as one of his closest friends phoned to wish him ‘all-the-best.’&nbsp; This embarrassed him greatly, because the friend was a ‘saintly sinner,’ who’d overcome a variety of social, chemical and physical set-backs, to become a ‘true believer,’ and an exemplary human being.&nbsp; Now, he Tue, 24 Dec 2013 17:50:00 +0000 Jessica Marshall 80546 at Paul Elisha: Protecting the most precious of rights <p></p> Tue, 06 Nov 2012 16:59:37 +0000 Paul Elisha 51430 at