Katie Britton http://wamc.org en Ned Vizzini - The Other Normals http://wamc.org/post/ned-vizzini-other-normals <p></p><p>Remember when you were growing up, there were some kids who just didn’t fit in? Maybe <em>we</em> were even that person. In Ned Vizzini’s The Other Normals, Perry <em>is</em> that kid. He’s totally awkward, absorbed in his role-playing game, and well, branded a loser by everyone including his parents. Although he knows he is, he doesn’t want to enter the real world, and is intent on hiding in his gaming world.</p> Tue, 27 Nov 2012 16:12:00 +0000 Katie Britton 51614 at http://wamc.org Ned Vizzini - The Other Normals