Tamerlan Tsarnaev http://wamc.org en Mass. Rep In Russia For Marathon Investigation http://wamc.org/post/mass-rep-russia-marathon-investigation <p>U.S. Representative William Keating says a congressional committee's investigation into the Boston Marathon bombings has reinforced that the biggest threat to the U.S. is the radicalization of homegrown terrorists.</p><p>The Massachusetts Democrat spoke by phone Monday from Moscow, where he and House Homeland Security Committee Chairman U.S. Rep. Michael McCaul, R-Texas, are looking into the marathon bombings and reviewing security procedures in Sochi ahead of the Olympics.</p> Tue, 21 Jan 2014 13:29:05 +0000 Jaired Crofut 82259 at http://wamc.org Mass. Rep In Russia For Marathon Investigation Boston Marathon Bombing Suspect Pleads Not Guilty http://wamc.org/post/boston-marathon-bombing-suspect-pleads-not-guilty <p>Boston Marathon bombing suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev has pleaded not guilty to 30 counts including use of a weapon of mass destruction to kill.</p><p>He entered the plea Wednesday in federal court in Boston.</p><p>For the first one, he leaned toward a microphone and said, "Not guilty," in a Russian accent. He then said not guilty repeatedly about a half-dozen more times.</p><p>His sister sobbed loudly as he left the courtroom. He looked over and made a kiss motion with his mouth to his family.</p> Thu, 11 Jul 2013 12:09:39 +0000 Jaired Crofut 68956 at http://wamc.org Boston Marathon Bombing Suspect Pleads Not Guilty Man Shot While Questioned In Boston Probe http://wamc.org/post/man-shot-while-questioned-boston-probe <p>Officials say a Chechen immigrant who was being questioned about his ties to one of the Boston Marathon bombing suspects was shot to death after a violent confrontation with an FBI agent.</p><p>Three law enforcement officials, speaking on condition of anonymity, said earlier Wednesday that Ibragim Todashev lunged at the FBI agent with a knife before he was shot. However, two of those officials said later that was no longer clear. The third had not received any new information since earlier in the day.</p> Thu, 23 May 2013 10:21:59 +0000 Jaired Crofut 65359 at http://wamc.org Man Shot While Questioned In Boston Probe Mayor Doesn't Want Bomb Suspect Buried In Boston http://wamc.org/post/mayor-doesnt-want-bomb-suspect-buried-boston <p>An aide to Boston Mayor Thomas Menino says the mayor does not want marathon bombing suspect Tamerlan Tsarnaev buried in Boston and calls the decision "a family issue."</p><p>The aide said Tuesday Menino believes the body should be sent back to Russia, where his parents live. Menino believes it wouldn't be appropriate for the burial to be in Boston.</p><p>The 26-year-old, a resident of Cambridge, was killed in a police shootout days after the April 15 bombings that killed three people and injured more than 260. His brother remains imprisoned on charges in the case.</p> Wed, 08 May 2013 12:34:51 +0000 Jaired Crofut 64141 at http://wamc.org Mayor Doesn't Want Bomb Suspect Buried In Boston Boston Bombings: Suspects Used Remote Controls http://wamc.org/post/boston-bombings-suspects-used-remote-controls <p>U.S. officials are saying Tamerlan Tsarnaev’s name was added to a U.S. government terrorism database about 18 months before the Boston Marathon bombings.</p><p>In the fall of 2011, Russia contacted the CIA with concerns about Tamerlan Tsarnaev. Two officials say the CIA added Tsnaraev's name to a terrorism database and that the FBI conducted an investigation but did not find he had any terror connections.</p><p>On Wednesday, U.S. officials also said that the pressure-cooker bombs the Tsarnaev brothers used were triggered by a remote detonator of the kind used in remote-control toys.</p> Thu, 25 Apr 2013 11:46:29 +0000 Jaired Crofut 63077 at http://wamc.org Boston Bombings: Suspects Used Remote Controls Bomb Suspect Influenced By Mysterious Radical http://wamc.org/post/bomb-suspect-influenced-mysterious-radical <p>Family members of Boston Marathon bombing suspect Tamerlan Tsarnaev say he had fallen under the influence of a Muslim convert, steering him toward a strict strain of Islam.</p><p>His family says that, under the tutelage of a friend known to the Tsarnaev family only as Misha, Tamerlan gave up boxing and stopped studying music. He began opposing the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq and turned to websites and literature claiming that the CIA was behind the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, and that Jews controlled the world.</p> Wed, 24 Apr 2013 12:43:29 +0000 Jaired Crofut 62984 at http://wamc.org Bomb Suspect Influenced By Mysterious Radical Lawmakers Ask If Intel Blocked Before Boston Bombs http://wamc.org/post/lawmakers-ask-if-intel-blocked-boston-bombs <p>Lawmakers say U.S. law enforcement and other agencies may not have shared enough intelligence about the Boston Marathon bombing suspects in the months before the deadly bombings.</p><p>But none of the lawmakers are saying — yet— that better sharing could have stopped the attacks, after FBI officials briefed them on the investigation Tuesday.</p> Wed, 24 Apr 2013 11:11:32 +0000 Jaired Crofut 62976 at http://wamc.org Lawmakers Ask If Intel Blocked Before Boston Bombs Bomb Suspects Appear Driven By Religious Views http://wamc.org/post/bomb-suspects-appear-driven-religious-views <p>More is emerging about the criminal case against the surviving suspect in the Boston Marathon bombings.</p><p>U.S. officials say Dzhokhar Tsarnaev and his brother appear to have been motivated by their religious views, not any connection to any Muslim terrorist groups. The officials made the assessment after Tsarnaev was interrogated in his hospital room, where he's being treated for severe wounds allegedly suffered during violent encounters with law enforcement following the Boston Marathon bombings.</p> Tue, 23 Apr 2013 10:58:06 +0000 Jaired Crofut 62877 at http://wamc.org Bomb Suspects Appear Driven By Religious Views FBI: We Had No Contact With Suspect After Bombing http://wamc.org/post/fbi-we-had-no-contact-suspect-after-bombing <p>The FBI is disputing a claim by the mother of the suspected Boston bombers, who says the bureau had spoken to the older brother after the bombs exploded at last Monday's marathon.</p><p>At the FBI headquarters in Washington, spokesman Michael Kortan says the bureau's 2011 interview with Tamerlan Tsarnaev was the only FBI contact with him.</p> Mon, 22 Apr 2013 11:41:02 +0000 Jaired Crofut 62780 at http://wamc.org FBI: We Had No Contact With Suspect After Bombing Feds Ask To Interview Wife Of Suspected Bomber http://wamc.org/post/feds-ask-interview-wife-suspected-bomber <p>A lawyer for the wife of suspected Boston Marathon bomber Tamerlan Tsarnaev says federal authorities have asked to speak with his client.</p><p>Authorities went to the suburban Rhode Island home of Tsarnaev's in-laws Sunday evening, where Katherine&nbsp;Russell&nbsp;Tsarnaev has been staying. Her lawyer tells the Associated Press that she did not speak with them, and they are discussing how to proceed.</p> Mon, 22 Apr 2013 11:07:53 +0000 Jaired Crofut 62779 at http://wamc.org Feds Ask To Interview Wife Of Suspected Bomber