post-traumatic stress disorder en Vermont VA Center Leads PTSD Study <p></p><p></p><p>The Veterans Administration Medical Center in Vermont is leading a national study to compare two methods of treating post-traumatic stress disorder. Tue, 12 Nov 2013 03:30:00 +0000 Pat Bradley 77537 at Vermont VA Center Leads PTSD Study NY Veterans Counseling Program Expands <p>A number of state and local elected officials will be on hand in New York’s Hudson Valley this afternoon to announce the expansion of a veterans counseling program.</p> Thu, 02 May 2013 13:19:34 +0000 Allison Dunne 63683 at NY Veterans Counseling Program Expands Berkshire Families Find Lack of Support for Dealing with PTSD <p></p><p><br>One of the signature lasting effects on veterans of the Iraq War is Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. WAMC's Berkshire Bureau Chief Lucas Willard reveals that PTSD not only affects those who served, but their family members as well....</p><p></p><p>Amy, a resident of the Northern Berkshires is married to a veteran who served in Iraq from 2005 to 2006, and was redeployed for Afghanistan from 2010 to 2011. Amy, who asked to keep her last name anonymous, said that when her husband returned from war the first time in 2006, she noticed his behavior had changed.</p> Tue, 19 Mar 2013 17:13:31 +0000 Lucas Willard 60191 at Berkshire Families Find Lack of Support for Dealing with PTSD Midday Magazine – Drs. Richard Tedeschi & Charles Figley - Disaster Mental Health <p>The State University of New York at New Paltz will host the ninth annual conference of the Institute for Disaster Mental Health tomorrow. The conference is focused on maintaining resilience among trauma and disaster workers.</p><p>Among the keynote speakers are Dr. Richard Tedeschi, a professor of psychology at the University of North Carolina-Charlotte, and Dr. Charles Figley, professor of social work at Tulane University. WAMC&rsquo;s Brian Shields spoke with both men about how those who work around disaster maintain mental fitness.</p> Wed, 18 Apr 2012 17:00:00 +0000 37478 at