This has been a National Day of Action for critics of the North American Free Trade Agreement or NAFTA. The critics, which include federal representatives from the region, want the current closed door renegotiations of the trade pact between the U.S., Canada and Mexico to be opened and are calling for labor-friendly provisions.

Facebook: Berkshire Museum

An appeals court judge in Boston has extended an injunction halting the sale of art by the Berkshire Museum until the end of January. 

Senator Chuck Schumer

Sen. Chuck Schumer says he is "pursuing every legal path" against whoever circulated a forged document accusing him of sexual harassment.

Champlain College

The Champlain College Center for Financial Literacy has issued its third “Report Card on State Efforts to Improve Financial Literacy Education.”  Director and report author John Pelletier says that when the center was created, they wanted to understand what other states were doing to teach financial literacy.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo
Matt Ryan

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo is getting a head start on his State of the State proposals, and says he’ll propose a bill to close a loophole that allows some convicted of domestic violence to possess guns.

JD Allen / WAMC

The studio residency program at MASS MoCA in North Adams, Massachusetts is accepting applications from Puerto Rican artists affected by Hurricane Maria. 

Governor Andrew Cuomo
Office of Governor Andrew Cuomo

New York state and local leaders gathered in Albany Wednesday for the latest announcement of regional economic development awards.

Garett Argianas' Evening Forecast

3 hours ago

Meteorologist Garett Argianas delivers the evening weather forecast for Wednesday, December 13, 2017.


Rich Guthrie and Alan Mapes join Vox Pop to answer your birding questions. WAMC's Ray Graf hosts.

The Massachusetts State House
Jim Levulis / WAMC

Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker is disputing a report by the state auditor that concluded the state Department of Children and Families failed to report crimes against children to police. Baker, a Republican, said the report is irresponsible and relied on old data. The auditor, Democrat Suzanne Bump, says the governor is in denial. WAMC’s Berkshire Bureau Chief JD Allen spoke with State Representative Tricia Farley-Bouvier, a Pittsfield Democrat, who says it’s time for Baker to step up.

Paul Caiano's Midday Forecast

6 hours ago
Paul Caiano

Newschannel 13 meteorologist Paul Caiano delivers the Midday Weather Summary for Wednesday, December 13, 2017.

Donkey Hotey/Flickr

No one wants to pay higher taxes, but in the largest city in western Massachusetts, stable tax rates coupled with rising property values are seen as good news.

Lucas Willard / WAMC

Rejecting calls from fellow Democrats to resign, Cohoes Mayor Shawn Morse received a standing ovation from supporters Tuesday night.

The mix of science, history, and high-concept adventure is always first-rate in a James Rollins novel, and that’s true here in his latest, The Demon Crown, even with killer wasps in the mix—and don’t forget bones and Alexander Graham Bell!

On this week’s 51%, it’s exam time for many, and new research suggests that women have more test anxiety then men. We hear about a new contraceptive law in Massachusetts and have a different look at the #MeToo social media campaign. I’m Allison Dunne and this is 51%.

In today’s Congressional Corner, WAMC’s Alan Chartock wraps up his tax-focused conversation with Connecticut Representative Joe Courtney.

12/13/17 Panel

9 hours ago


The Roundtable Panel: a daily open discussion of issues in the news and beyond.

Joining us for the discussion: WAMC’s Alan Chartock, the Berkshire Eagle’s Jenn Smith and Communications Consultants Theresa Bourgeois and Joe Bonilla.

WAMC's Dr. Alan Chartock discusses Doug Jones' win in Alabama, the GOP tax plan, and State assemblyman Brian Kolb announcing he will run for Governor.


Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers says on Instagram that he has been "medically cleared to return" to action after missing seven games with a broken right collarbone. Rodgers was hurt during a loss to Minnesota on Oct. 15 and had surgery five days later. He could suit up for Sunday's big game against Carolina as the 7-6 Packers try to grab a playoff berth.

The Packers went 3-4 in Brett Hundley's seven starts, including back-to-back overtime wins over Tampa Bay and Cleveland.

Daniel Case / Wikimedia Commons

WAMC's David Guistina talks with Judy Patrick of the Daily Gazette about local development bids in the region and announcements on their funding coming this morning.

Meteorologist Paul Caiano's Morning Forecast

11 hours ago
Paul Caiano

Here's NewsChannel 13 Meteorologist Paul Caiano's WAMC Regional Forecast:

Mostly cloudy, windy and very cold today with scattered snow showers.  Highs in the lower 20s with wind chill values closer to zero.

Cloudy with the chance of snow showers tonight.  Lows in the lower teens.

Clouds giving way to increasing sunshine tomorrow.  Breezy and very cold.  highs in the lower 20s.

Lee, Massachusetts voters will decide at a special town meeting in January where to site a medical marijuana dispensary. 

The New York state Department of Environmental Conservation released its plan for redevelopment of the former Frontier Town site in North Hudson earlier this month and held public information sessions on Monday.

Burlington City Hall
WAMC Photo

The sale of Burlington Telecom was again on the Burlington City Council agenda Monday night as the panel works to finalize the sale of the cable and broadband utility.

File photo: Assembly Minority Leader Brian Kolb
Karen DeWitt

There’s now one official candidate running for governor of New York in 2018, and that’s the Assembly’s Republican leader Brian Kolb. He announced in a video released Tuesday.

Pace Professor Discusses NY's Elephant Protection Act

Dec 12, 2017

College students from Pace University who drove legislation to ban elephants from performing in entertainment venues in New York will be presented with the signed bill on campus Wednesday. WAMC’s Hudson Valley Bureau Chief Allison Dunne spoke with Michelle Land, who co-teaches the class that worked on the bill in its early stages.

Garett Argianas' Evening Forecast

Dec 12, 2017

Meteorologist Garett Argianas delivers the evening weather forecast for Tuesday, December 12, 2017.

Cohoes Mayor Shawn Morse
WAMC photo by Dave Lucas

Embattled Cohoes Mayor Shawn Morse tells WAMC News Tuesday afternoon he won't resign despite pressure from fellow Albany County Democrats after the Times Union published a series of reports detailing alleged domestic violence incidents against the first-term mayor dating back years. Morse also says he has never physically harmed a woman, and took shots at Albany Mayor Kathy Sheehan and state Assemblymembers Patricia Fahy and John McDonald, himself a former mayor of Cohoes.

In her admired works of fiction, including the recent "The Book That Matters Most," best-selling author Ann Hood explores the transformative power of literature.

In her new book, "Morningstar," she reveals the personal story behind beloved novels in her life.

Facebook: Berkshire Museum

The Massachusetts Attorney General’s Office has fired back at the Berkshire Museum, which calls the inquiry into the museum’s planned art sale meritless.