Bernie Sanders' new presidential campaign headquarters is just a few doors up Church Street in Burlington from the City Hall he served as mayor 34 years ago.


Former Congressman Martin Meehan has agreed to a five-year contract to lead the University of Massachusetts as its next president. 

Meehan, who is currently the chancellor of UMass Lowell, will start with a base salary of $525,000 that will increase to $602,500 in the final year.  There are also performance bonuses and other perks.

The contract includes a requirement that Meehan pay a penalty if he leaves the job before the end of the five years.  Meehan has said in the past  he does not intend to leave early.

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Two members of a New York City-based heroin distribution ring have pleaded guilty.

New York State Electric & Gas Corp. is seeking a rate hike.

A rally: "People Vs Shell" will be held in New Paltz  Saturday, May 23rd, 3-5pm, as part of the Greenpeace SAVE THE ARCTIC Campaign.  The rally links with national protests against Shell's plans to start drilling for oil in the Arctic Ocean this summer. 

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An effort to extend workers' compensation coverage to Connecticut police officers suffering from mental injuries has cleared a key hurdle after years of defeat.

The state Senate voted 25-11 early Friday morning in favor of legislation to cover job-related mental health injuries that did not arise from a physical injury. But the proposal also encompassed another bill that extends workers' compensation coverage to certain firefighters who acquire various forms of cancer.

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A Vermont man who used to house-sit for character actor Luis Guzman has agreed to stay at least 300 feet away from him.

(Airs 5/22/15) The Legislative Gazette is a weekly program about New York State Government and politics. On this week's Gazette: a near record number of school budgets pass, our political observer Alan Chartock shares his thoughts on his conversation with state GOP chairman Ed Cox, and scientists, environmental advocates and residents affected by Hurricane Sandy flooding discuss climate change with a senate panel.


Massachusetts Congressman Richard Neal has delivered an early endorsement as the municipal campaign season is getting underway.    The veteran Congressman is supporting Springfield Mayor Domenic Sarno’s reelection bid. 

Neal stood beside Sarno in front of Springfield City Hall Friday and praised the mayor’s record on economic development, managing the city’s finances, and for devoting considerable time to the efforts to improve the public schools. 

" I think Domenic Sarno has done a terrific job as mayor and I intend to support him," declared Neal.