With the scheduled opening of the first resort casino in Massachusetts less than 100 days away, MGM Springfield is eager to get people to apply for hundreds of jobs that are still open.

Garett Argianas' Evening Forecast

38 minutes ago

Meteorologist Garett Argianas delivers the evening weather forecast for Monday, May 21, 2018.

As the LUMBERYARD Contemporary Performing Arts Center in Catskill prepares to open its inaugural season, a study of its prospective economic impact has been completed. The paper examines impacts for Catskill, Greene County, and the larger Hudson Valley region.

Jane Flavell Collins

An Adams, Massachusetts man pleaded guilty to multiple terrorism-related charges in a Springfield courtroom Monday.

Dr. Russell Tigges

Dr. Russell Tigges of Orthopedic Associates of Dutchess County joins Medical Monday to discuss joint replacement. WAMC's Alan Chartock hosts.

WAMC photo by Dave Lucas

This month Schenectady Mayor Gary McCarthy was installed as the president of the New York Conference of Mayors. McCarthy stopped by WAMC last week for a chat with Capital Region Bureau Chief Dave Lucas.


       The first worker cooperative commercial greenhouse in Massachusetts is about to begin production on what was once a badly contaminated industrial site in Springfield.

Facebook: Norman Rockwell Museum

The yet-to-open Lucas Museum Of Narrative Art in L.A. has acquired Shuffleton’s Barbershop, a Norman Rockwell painting at the heart of the controversy surrounding the Berkshire Museum’s art sale.

Paul Caiano's Midday Forecast

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Paul Caiano

Newschannel 13 meteorologist Paul Caiano delivers the Midday Weather Summary for Monday, May 21, 2018.

The Phoenicia Playhouse’s second annual Starry Starry Night Fundraiser event will take place on May 27. The event is a fundraiser for the renovation and reinvention of the 1887 playhouse.

The fundraiser this Memorial Day features five stars from Daytime Drama. Many of the cast and writers are Emmy Award winners from Guiding Light and have a great following to this day.

To tell us more we welcome Bruce Barry – he received 2 Daytime Emmy Awards for Best Direction and the Director’s Guild of America Award. He was the senior director of the daytime drama Guiding Light for 27 years. He also directed Captain Kangaroo before that.

Robert Newman is a two-time Daytime Emmy nominee and we also welcome Daytime Emmy award winning actress Ellen Parker back to the program.

WikiMedia Commons

The Sage Colleges’ credit rating has dropped to the lowest among private institutions in the nation, according to a leading rating agency.

While Joe Kennedy was grooming his sons for the White House and the Senate, his Stanford-educated daughter Eunice was tapping her father’s fortune and her brothers’ political power to engineer one of the great civil rights movements of our time on behalf of millions of children and adults with intellectual disabilities.

Now, in "Eunice," Pulitzer Prize winner Eileen McNamara finally brings Eunice Kennedy Shriver out from her brothers’ shadow.

The Mueller investigation is now a year old.

In today’s Congressional Corner, Massachusetts Congressman Jim McGovern, a Democrat from the second district, wraps up his talk with WAMC’s Alan Chartock.

Ian Bremmer is the president and founder of Eurasia Group, the leading global political risk research and consulting firm.

Those who championed globalization once promised a world of winners, one in which free trade would lift all the world's boats, and extremes of left and right would give way to universally embraced liberal values. The past few years have shattered this fantasy, as those who've paid the price for globalism's gains have turned to populist and nationalist politicians to express fury at the political, media, and corporate elites they blame for their losses.

In his new book, "Us vs. Them: The Failure of Globalism," Bremmer writes that globalism creates plenty of both winners and losers, and those who've missed out want to set things right.

WAMC photo by Dave Lucas

Police say a protest today could tie up traffic in downtown Albany.

5/21/18 Panel

7 hours ago

  The Roundtable Panel: a daily open discussion of issues in the news and beyond.

Today's panelists were: WAMC’s Alan Chartock, Executive Editor of The Times-Herald Record Barry Lewis, and Political Consultant Libby Post.

WAMC's Dr. Alan Chartock discusses Friday's school shooting in Texas. Dr. Chartock also shares his thoughts on President Trump's claims that the FBI and DOJ "infiltrated or surveilled" his campaign for "political purposes." Trump is expected to make an announcement demanding a formal investigation Monday.

Picture of a judge's gavel
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A Boston police captain's son who is accused of plotting a terrorist attack on a college campus to support the Islamic State group is expected to plead guilty.

Ken Lovett
Ken Lovett

WAMC's David Guistina speaks with Ken Lovett, Albany Bureau Chief for The New York Daily News, about Senator Jeff Klein, of New York City, and the alleged perks of leadership.  The pair preview the state GOP and Democratic conventions, which are this week.

Paul Caiano

Here's NewsChannel 13 Meteorologist Paul Caiano's WAMC Regional Forecast:  

Mostly sunny today.  Highs in the mid 70s.  

Ualbany Men's Lacrosse Facebook


No. 2 UAlbany has made it to the men’s NCAA men's lacrosse Final Four.  The Great Danes defeated Denver 15-13 Saturday.

They'll play third-seeded Yale Saturday.  The Bulldogs topped UAlbany 14-6 in New Haven, Conn. last month.

(Airs 5/20/18 & 5/21/18) The Media Project is an inside look at media coverage of current events with WAMC’s CEO Alan Chartock, Judy Patrick, Vice President for Editorial Development for the New York Press Association, Cailin Brown, Chair of the Department of Communication at the College of St. Rose, and Associate Editor of the Times Union Mike Spain. On this week’s Media Project Alan, Judy, Cailin and Mike talk about President Trump lashing out against people in his administration who leak news, a Supreme Court decision on sports gambling could be a boon to the media, many newspapers are doing away with public editors, and much more.


New York Republican gubernatorial candidate Marc Molinaro has named a running-mate.

Paul Caiano

News Channel 13 Meteorologist Paul Caiano delivers the regional midday weather summary for Sunday, May 20, 2018.

An opioid abuse treatment bill cosponsored by Western Massachusetts Congressman Richard Neal has cleared a hurdle in the House. 

Cynthia Nixon

New York's progressive Working Families Party formally endorsed "Sex and the City" actress Cynthia Nixon on Saturday as its gubernatorial candidate — challenging incumbent Democratic Gov. Andrew Cuomo.


The first worker cooperative commercial greenhouse in Massachusetts is set to open on what was once a badly contaminated industrial site in Springfield.

WAMC Photo by Dave Lucas

Albany police have released the identity of a body found Saturday morning in the Hudson River.

Repair Cafes Grow In the Hudson Valley

May 19, 2018

Repair Cafés are taking off in the Hudson Valley. From Beacon to Woodstock and Rhinebeck to Warwick, they are free community events where residents bring broken items and volunteer experts fix them. WAMC’s Hudson Valley Bureau Chief Allison Dunne spoke with John Wackman, who organizes Repair Cafés in the Hudson Valley. He says the first one in the region began in New Paltz five years ago.

Ralph Gardner Jr: Foraging With Family Members

May 19, 2018
Lucy Gardner foraging for morels
Ralph Gardner Jr

I’d been told many years back that we had horseradish down by our stream. For all I know we still do but I’ve never been able to find it. Horseradish doesn’t even rank high on my list of condiments. But it was pleasant knowing that something edible grew wild on our property, that not everything that entered our stomachs required a cash outlay.