Several volunteers took part in HONOR – Helping Others Needing Our Resources – which served Thanksgiving dinner to the needy in Middletown.


Black Friday is gradually turning into Black Thursday as more and more retail establishments are jumping the gun to capture more of the holiday shoppers.

Picture of Bellows Falls sign
Doug Kerr-Dougtone/Flickr

Authorities in Bellows Falls have outlined a plan to build a $23 million detention center.

WAMC's Dr. Alan Chartock discusses Thanksgiving and the possible final candidates for President.  

Connecticut's two federally recognized tribes are asking the communities interested in hosting a new casino near the Massachusetts border to move ahead with their local approval processes.

Meteorologist Jordan Sherman's Morning Forecast

3 hours ago
Meteorologist Jordan Sherman

Here's NewsChannel 13 Meteorologist Jordan Sherman's forecast...

Sunshine mixing with clouds today. Highs reaching the low 60s. A south wind may be breezy at times this afternoon.

Tonight scattered rain showers late. Lows falling into the upper 30s and low 40s.

Partly cloudy becoming mostly sunny Saturday, highs in the mid 40s.


It was a very unhappy Thanksgiving for the Dallas Cowboys. Not only did the Cowboys absorb a 33-14 loss to the unbeaten Carolina Panthers, they may have lost quarterback Tony Romo again. Romo was evaluated for another left collarbone injury when he was sacked by linebacker Thomas Davis on the final play of the third quarter. Detroit bested Philadelphia 45-14, and Chicago topped Green Bay 17-13.

Rabbi Dan Ornstein: Kristallnakht

17 hours ago

Between November 9 and 10, 1938, Nazi authorities fomented violence against the entire population of German Jews.  Thugs vandalized and looted Jewish owned establishments, homes and synagogues, and dragged their Jewish neighbors into the streets, brutalizing and killing them.  This date in history is generally regarded by historians as the beginning of the Holocaust. Kristallnakht, the Night of Broken Glass, as it was later referred to, is commemorated annually on those days.  To mark Kristallnakht this year, my wife and I attended a viewing of Oren Jacoby’s documentary, My Italian Secret, which chronicles the courageous activities of Italians who hid and saved Jews under Mussolini’s Fascist regime.  The film shows how citizens ranging from Gino Bartali, the celebrity cyclist, to long forgotten priests and nuns living in the countryside risked their lives to hide Jewish refugees simply because it was the right thing to do.  These stories are very personal for Jews, and they are especially personal for my wife’s family.  She recently returned from a heritage trip to Germany, where she retraced her family’s history, including her grandparents’ escape from the Fatherland in the late 1930’s before Hitler could grab them. 

Photo of Burton Snowboard logo
Graham Smith/Flickr

Burton is bringing back images of Playboy bunnies on its snowboards, seven years after similar depictions sparked a protest outside its headquarters in Burlington, Vermont.

One-hundred years ago, renowned American actor William Gillette stood before the cameras at the Essanay Studios in Chicago to make a celluloid record of his celebrated stage performance as Sherlock Holmes. The play was based on four of the popular Holmes stories by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, and was adapted by Gillette with the author’s blessing.  Gillette played the legendary fictional detective on stage 1300 times from 1899 to 1932. He acted the character wearing the deerstalker cap and smoking the large, curved pipe, according to 19th century illustrations by Sidney Paget in the Strand Magazine.


Pillow fights at the US Military Academy are illegal effective immediately following such an event on August 20 in which 30 people were injured.