WAMC's Dr. Alan Chartock discusses the bombing at an Ariana Grande concert in England, officials react to the bombing in Manchester, Michael Flynn pleading the fifth amendment, and the WAMC Locked Box

This is a picture of internet cables

Monterey, Massachusetts is pulling out of a four-town broadband agreement with the state. The town instead will work with a local company that is not supported by state funds to bring internet to residents. 

Penn Station
Hunter Desportes | Flickr

Some New York state lawmakers want to withhold millions of dollars of funding from Penn Station until Amtrak resolves chronic commuter train delays. 

Legislation in the Senate would direct the Long Island Rail Road and Metropolitan Transportation Authority to cease regular payments for Penn Station for the rest of the year until 95 percent of the trains using the station are on time.


Six Democratic state attorneys general including New York's are asking federal regulators to place new restrictions on crude oil trains that pass through their states.

New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman says these trains can carry crude oil through densely populated areas such as downtown Albany without any limit on explosiveness or flammability.


WAMC's David Guistina talks with Mike Spain of the Times Union about the continuing controversy over special stipends paid to certain state senators and police body cameras in Albany.

Meteorologist Paul Caiano's Morning Forecast

2 hours ago
Paul Caiano

Here's NewsChannel 13 Meteorologist Paul Caiano's WAMC Regional Forecast:

A mix of sun and clouds today. Highs in the lower 70's.

Mostly cloudy tonight. Lows in the lower 50's.

A mix of sun and clouds tomorrow. Highs in the mid to upper 70's.


Stephen Curry scored 36 points and the Golden State Warriors closed out the Western Conference Final against the injury-ravaged San Antonio Spurs with a 129-115 victory Monday night, becoming the first team in league history to start the playoffs 12-0. Golden State led by as many as 22 points in cruising to its third straight NBA Finals. The Warriors await a possible third straight championship matchup with Cleveland.

Game 4 for Boston Celtics is tonight in Cleveland.

Hudson's Sanctuary City Policy Becomes Enforceable

10 hours ago
Hudson New York
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Hudson, New York officials have codified a sanctuary city resolution the city council passed earlier this year. Proponents say this gives the resolution teeth, and the police department will be responsible for enforcing the order. The police chief says not much will change in how his force conducts itself.

Adirondack Park sign
Pat Bradley/WAMC

New York is adding almost 300 acres of land to Adirondack Park to settle more than a century of differences between the state and a group of townspeople.

Picture of marijuana plant
U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service/Wikimedia Commons Public Domain

Williamstown, Massachusetts has approved a special zoning permit for marijuana-related businesses in town. 

Across the city of Albany, the political scene is heating up as the pivotal September Democratic primary approaches.

The Capitol
WAMC Photo by Dave Lucas

After an embarrassing controversy over stipend payments, the beleaguered group of breakaway Democrats in the state Senate are trying to change the subject.

Jayveon Caballero
Vermont State Police

The man charged in the first slaying in Vermont's capital city of Montpelier in nearly a century is being held without bail after pleading not guilty to the second-degree murder charge against him.

JD Allen / WAMC

The Berkshire County District Attorney’s office and local schools will be teaming up to bring drug abuse and prevention classes to students as young as 9. It’s in response to an uptick in the number of children abusing drugs in the region.

Jason Caterina's Evening Forecast

16 hours ago

Meteorologist Jason Garett delivers the evening weather forecast for Monday, May 22, 2017.

Dr. Malek Sohail
Albany Medical Center

Joining us this afternoon for Medical Monday is Dr. Sohail Malek of Albany Medical Center. Dr. Malek specializes in pediatric neurology and neonatal stroke. WAMC's Ray Graf hosts. 

Supervised Injection Sites Hotly Debated

19 hours ago
Matthew Kang, flickr

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, more than 30,000 opioid-related deaths were recorded in 2015 alone — devastating many communities across the country. Officials worry that current prevention methods are failing to curb the death roll. Now, many institutions are reevaluating their strategies. One idea put forward has been the introduction of supervised or safe injection sites, where addicts can go to inject street drugs in a clean, secure environment. WAMC News Intern John Cossee spoke to a number of medical professionals and campaigners to find out more about the contrasting opinions regarding safe injection.

Paul Caiano's Midday Forecast

19 hours ago
Paul Caiano

Newschannel 13 meteorologist Paul Caiano delivers the Midday Weather Summary for Monday, May 22, 2017.

Scientists have predicted that this will be one of the worst seasons for ticks and Lyme disease given the increase in numbers of ticks that carry the disease. It is amid this backdrop that Dutchess County resident, actress and filmmaker Mary Stuart Masterson is directing a theater piece Monday evening in Glens Falls about a Poughkeepsie family that lost a son to Lyme disease in 2013. WAMC’s Hudson Valley Bureau Chief Allison Dunne spoke with Masterson about the multimedia reading called “The Little Things.”

City of Albany

Albany Mayor Kathy Sheehan has announced a series of Solid Waste Management Plan Community Meetings, as the city landfill nears capacity.

JD Allen / WAMC

Last year, Bennington College and Hoosick Falls High School students began researching their regions' similar PFOA contaminations in an effort to calm community concern. Their findings were discussed at a conference at Bennington College over the weekend that featured residents and lawmakers from both regions. 

The production of culture was once the domain of artists, but beginning in the early 1900s, the emerging fields of public relations, advertising and marketing transformed the way the powerful communicate with the rest of us. A century later, the tools are more sophisticated than ever, the onslaught more relentless. 

In Culture as Weapon, acclaimed curator and critic Nato Thompson reveals how institutions use art and culture to ensure profits and constrain dissent--and shows us that there are alternatives.

The new exhibit - Face Them - at the Lichtenstein Gallery for the Arts in Pittsfield, MA opens June 2nd and will be up through June 24th.

Face Them is an opportunity to gather artistic intelligence through several mediums in one gallery. By placing pertinent topic images of today before the viewer that may make one feel moved not of our imagination, but of our reality.

The topics are big ones: Global Warming, Population Explosion, Gun Control, Human Trafficking, and Animal Abuse.

To tell us more – we welcome National Geographic Photographer John Stanmeyer and Barbara Arpante – Curator of Face Them and a Collage Artist.

Building 6 (Robert W. Wilson Building) at MASS MoCA
Sarah LaDuke

MASS MoCA opens its newly renovated Building 6 this Sunday, giving the North Adams Campus – catch this - more gallery space than any other contemporary art museum in the country. The campus has always been big in scale and rambling. Now, we get more of a great thing.

Building 6 adds 105-Thousand square feet of gallery space – consisting of three floors of galleries, production studios, virtual reality galleries, event and performance space.

An all-day celebration will celebrate the grand opening for the new building, which will showcase installations by art-world stars such as Jenny Holzer, Laurie Anderson, Robert Rauschenberg, Louise Bourgeois, and James Turrell. Museum director Joe Thompson is here to tell us more. 

Reality. It used to seem so simple—reality just was, like the weather. Why question it, let alone disagree about it? And then came the assault, an unending stream of “fake news,” “alternative facts,” and lies disguised as truths that is overwhelming our notions of reality. Now we can’t even agree on what a fact is, let alone what is real. How on earth did we get here?
Every week, the award-winning journalist Brooke Gladstone, along with her co-host Bob Garfield, reaches 1.2 million listeners through more than 420 NPR affiliate stations with WNYC Studios' On the Media, a shrewd and witty newsmagazine that analyzes media and how it shapes our perceptions of the world.

Her new book is The Trouble with Reality: A Rumination on Moral Panic in Our Time.

WAMC's Dr. Alan Chartock discusses President Donald Trump's trip to Saudi Arabia, former FBI Director James Comey is now scheduled to publicly testify, and the WAMC Locked Box.

5/22/17 Panel

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  The Roundtable Panel: a daily open discussion of issues in the news and beyond.

Today’s panelists are Times Union Columnist Chris Churchill, Communications Consultant Theresa Bourgeois and Founder and Publisher of Empire Report J.P. Miller.


Lawmakers in New York are debating whether to add electronic cigarettes to the state's ban on smoking in public areas like workplaces, bars and restaurants.

The state Assembly already has endorsed the idea.



New York's Assembly minority leader is urging the body to accelerate authorization of ride-hailing services in upstate communities.

Republican Brian Kolb says he hopes the Assembly will quickly consider legislation that will permit ride-hailing apps to begin services north of New York City in time for the busy July Fourth weekend.

Penn Station
Hunter Desportes | Flickr

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo is calling on President Donald Trump for federal help at Penn Station, saying the impact of its disrepair is at "a tipping point."