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After four long years of study and late nights and brutal exams, graduation! Freedom! Sleep! OK, enough of that…time to go get a job. Today on the Best Of Our Knowledge, we’ll talk to an economist about the prospects this year’s graduates have in the current job market.

We’ll also look at one of the most open areas of the job market…the medical field, and find out how it’s coping with increased demand for doctors. And we’ll spend an academic minute with a necessary evil of the job search: networking…or is it schmoozing?

About 200,000 households in western Massachusetts will see lower electricity rates for the summer.

The town of Cheshire, Mass. is taking a failed override measure needed to fund a regional school district’s budget back to the voters.

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A new superintendent has been named to run the maximum-security  Clinton Correctional prison where a range of new security measures have been implemented to  close gaps exploited by two inmates who broke out on June 6th.

All the attention in our region has been on prison issues in upstate New York in recent weeks. But next door, a report by the Vermont state auditor is critical of the Department of Corrections’ transitional housing program for released inmates.

  There’s word that the commissioner of the state’s environmental agency is leaving, just two days after Joe Martens issued the final environmental impact statement banning hydrofracking in New York. The final report on fracking is a signal for others to move on as well. Anti-fracking groups say they are using New York’s stance to help convince other states, and even countries to ban the gas drilling process.

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A meeting Tuesday between unionized workers and leadership of a Berkshire County-based mental health organization failed to reach a deal meant to avoid an employee strike.


For the second time in as many days there has been a promotion from within to fill a key public safety job in a western Massachusetts city.

Northampton Mayor David Narkewicz Wednesday appointed Duane Nichols the new Chief of the Northampton Fire Rescue Department. Nichols is a 28-year veteran of the department. He worked his way up the ranks to become assistant chief – the number two position in the department -- in 2007.

"  We have an excellent organization, with a good group of ( firefighers) and equipment and we can build on that," said Nichols.

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Voters in Hinsdale, Massachusetts on Saturday removed a town select board member during a recall election. The efforts cap more than a year of acrimony in the town.


Martin Meehan began his tenure as president of the University of Massachusetts Wednesday by a holding a roundtable discussion with students at UMass Boston.

Meehan said he intends to build UMass into “the best public university system in the nation.”  During an interview in May he talked about ways to elevate the university’s stature.

"It is looking at how to improve, achieve more excellence. You can always increase your research and continue to improve," he said.