Middletown, NY – Residents and business owners in Middletown, New York will be facing penalties, if they do not clean the graffiti off their walls in a timely manner.

Washington, DC – Former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney is becoming more visible, as he gears up for a likely White House run. WAMC's Paul Tuthill has more...

East Greenbush, NY – U.S. Senator Charles Schumer continues his push for a proposal he developed with Republican Senator Orrin Hatch of Utah, that would reward businesses that hire unemployed workers with a tax cut. WAMC's Steve Felano reports...

Albany, NY – Ward always tells us to get out and enjoy nature. So, what does he make of the plan to close NY State Parks? We'll find out. A harbinger of Spring - the Robins have returned or did they ever leave. Plus, we will answer a letter or two on everything from turkey vultures to track identification and much more.

Albany, New York – For this edition of Medical Monday, Dr. Daniel Aronzon from Vassar Brothers Hospital takes calls about various children medical issues. Alan Chartock hosts.

Amherst, MA – Massachusetts State Legislators heard some good financial news during a budget hearing Monday in Amherst. Times may be hard, but business is up this year at the Massachusetts State Lottery....WAMC's Pioneer Valley Bureau Chief Paul Tuthill reports....

Hudson Valley, NY –

Representatives from seven Hudson Valley counties, including five of those counties' top elected officials, gathered in Poughkeepsie today to talk to a packed house about the economy. Hudson Valley bureau chief Susan Barnett reports they agreed that their biggest problem is up the river at the state capitol.

Albany, NY – Joe will speak with Ruth Graham about the Living Free Get Growing conference presented by Ruth Graham & Friends.

Albany, NY – Alan speaks with New York representative Paul Tonko about the effects the Recovery Act has had since it went into effect one year ago.

Albany, NY – Joe speaks with Michael Edwards about his new book, Small Change: Why Business Won't Save the World.