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A $19 million line item in the new federal budget that's dedicated to much-needed improvements and modernization along the Northeast Rail Corridor is being seen as potentially leading to more federal funding.

Hundreds of thousands of Massachusetts workers are expected to see a boost in pay on Jan. 1 when the state's hourly minimum wage increases from $9 to $10 per hour.

New Year's Day hikes are planned at 38 state parks and historic sites across New York on Friday.

Police have confirmed the identity of a person killed in a house fire in Westfield.

Prison Bars
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All New York prison guards and other staff who have direct contact with state inmates are required to get eight hours of training annually in recognizing symptoms of poor mental health including indicators of suicide under a new state law.

Transportation officials say New York state plans to spend $1 million to renovate an interstate highway rest area along a gateway to the Adirondacks.


New rules on the use of physical restraint in public schools will soon take effect in Massachusetts.

Prison Bars
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New York corrections officials have established a procedure for identifying and managing problem workers in the state prison system with 53,000 inmates.

A man who loaned a gun used by the Boston Marathon bombers to kill a police officer is set to be sentenced on drug and gun charges.

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A state panel is moving closer toward recommending how Connecticut can better help children exposed to domestic violence, including those involving a homicide