Brian Shields

Senior News Anchor

WAMC Senior Correspondent Brian Shields has been with WAMC for 23 years as senior news anchor, host and reporter.


12:01 pm
Thu May 30, 2013

Paul Agris, SUNY Albany RNA Institute - Unlocking Medical Secrets With RNA

Dr. Paul Agris
Credit SUNY Albany

A cure for cancer - it could well be the most invigorating , but frustrating goal for medical research, but the work at a lab in Albany may help to end the scourge of cancer one day.

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12:00 pm
Wed May 29, 2013

James Brooke, Voice of America - Russians On The Boston Marathon Bombings

James Brooke
Credit Courtesy Voice of America

James Brooke will come home to the Berkshires this week. A native of Lenox, who attended Berkshire Country Day School and Yale University, has been a lifelong foreign correspondent, most recently covering Russia and the former Soviet Union for the Voice of America. 

James Brooke will be at the Lenox Library tomorrow evening at 7 p.m. for a free lecture on how Russia views the Boston Marathon, now that one Tsarnaev brother is dead, and another is in custody. He spoke today with WAMC’s Brian Shields.

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Capital Region News
3:25 pm
Tue May 28, 2013

Lucian McCarty, The Saratogian - The Ongoing Dismissal of Mary Zlotnick

It has cost the city of Saratoga Springs more than $61,000 to fire a city employee who earned $33,000 a year, and that employee in question is now suing the city for back pay.  

Lucian McCarty, city desk reporter for The Saratogian newspaper, has been following the story of Mary Zlotnick who was suspended for insubordination last august from the Saratoga Springs Accounts Department. He spoke today with WAMC’s Brian Shields.

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Hudson Valley News
3:34 pm
Wed May 22, 2013

Comptroller DiNapoli Worried About Poughkeepsie's Debt

Comptroller DiNapoli
Credit Karen DeWitt

The city of Poughkeepsie is facing an $11 million  deficit in its general fund brought on, according to New York State Comptroller Thomas DiNapoli, by unrealistic budgeting by city officials—including overestimating revenues. DiNapoli, in a new audit, says Poughkeepsie’s debt burden has gone up 45 percent over the past five years as its financial condition deteriorates.

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New York News
12:04 pm
Wed May 22, 2013

Tim Kremer, New York State School Boards Association - NY School Budget Votes

More than 95 percent of the school budgets that went before the voters in New York on Tuesday were approved but, those that exceeded the two percent property tax cap did not fare as well. Only about 30 percent of those spending plans were approved. 

The executive director of the New York State School Boards Association, Tim Kremer, tells WAMC's Brian Shields the initial results show 630 school districts budgets were approved with 30 rejected.

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New York News
3:30 pm
Fri May 17, 2013

Alan Chartock - The Vito Lopez Sex Scandal

Faced with the possibility of being expelled from the state legislature as soon as next week, State Assemblyman Vito Lopez, a Democrat from Brooklyn, today said he would resign on June 20th at the end of the legislative session and run for a seat on the New York City Council. 

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New England News
3:32 pm
Thu May 16, 2013

Boston Symphony Orchestra Enters New Era With Nelsons

Andris Nelsons
Credit BSO

At the age of 34, Andris Nelsons will lead one of the most respected orchestras in the world. Nelsons, a native of Latvia, who has earned a distinguished reputation in European classical music and opera, has been named the new music director of the Boston Symphony Orchestra, filling the vacancy left by the departure of James Levine, who stepped down for health reasons two years ago. Mark Volpe, the managing director of the BSO, spoke with WAMC's Brian Shields.

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Capital Region News
12:18 pm
Thu May 16, 2013

With Jennings Out, Corey Ellis Takes Another Run At Albany Mayor

Corey Ellis
Credit (WAMC photo by Dave Lucas)

Twenty-four hours after Albany Mayor Jerry Jennings made public his letter stating that he will not run for another term after 20 years in office, the Albany County Democratic Committee gave its nomination to City Treasurer Kathy Sheehan in the race for mayor. The committee passed over former City Council member Corey Ellis, who ran against Mayor Jennings four years ago fir the Democratic nomination.

Wednesday on Midday Magazine, we heard from Sheehan. Today, we speak with Corey Ellis, who says the lack of the party's nomination will not affect his campaign.

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12:15 pm
Wed May 15, 2013

With Jennings Out, Sheehan Sees Opportunity In Albany

Kathy Sheehan
Credit Kathy Sheehan

The race for Mayor of Albany has undergone a major change now that Mayor Jerry Jennings says he will not run for another term. A number of candidates want the job, including the City Treasurer, Democrat Kathy Sheehan, who stopped by the WAMC studios just before Jennings' formal downtown announcement.

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New England News
12:35 pm
Mon May 13, 2013

Danish Ambassador Set For Vermont Visit

Danish Ambassador Peter Taksøe-Jensen
Credit Peter Taksøe-Jensen

The term "welfare state" is a pejorative for many in the U.S., a system that many elected officials would distance themselves from, but the term is used with pride by Peter Taksøe-Jensen, the Danish Ambassador to the U.S., who will be visiting Vermont next weekend, at the invitation of U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders. The ambassador, who spoke to WAMC today, will meet with the public in Burlington, Brattleboro and Montpelier to discuss the Danish form of government.

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