Katie Britton

Program and Outreach Director

Katie grew up in Poughkeepsie, NY and is a graduate of the University at Albany.  Aside from overseeing the programming, she also is in charge of the WAMC Internship Program, and community outreach. Her voice can be heard on The Roundtable & National Productions. Katie is also the baker in residence and showers the newsroom with cakes & pies.

Ways to Connect

New York Times Bestselling author Kass Morgan took the world by storm with her dystopian novel The 100. The fans loved it  so much in fact, that the CW made a TV adaptation last fall, and will debut the second season Wednesday, Oct. 22 at 9PM.

Now Morgan’s back with the sequel novel, The 100 Day 21, and all 4 of our narrators are back as they try to survive the wilds of an uninhabited Earth and a dying spaceship.

In Rachel DeWoskin’s new novel Blind, our 15 year old narrator Emma, must learn how to maneuver through life after losing her sight in a freak accident. The reader is brought into Emma’s world, as she learns to hear colors and textures, read braille, and discovers that she is more than her eyes. The book is brutally honest, delightfully funny, and by the time you get to the last page you want more.

Jandy Nelson’s debut novel, The Sky Is Everywhere reduced its readers to tears and captured their minds with its beautiful language. Since then, readers have been eagerly awaiting her new novel, I’ll Give You the Sun - and they won’t be disappointed; it’s just as stunning. 

William Joyce enchanted people of all ages with his Academy Award winning animated short The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore, and captured children’s imaginations with his Emmy award winning animated Disney Channel series, based on his books, Rolie Polie Olie. Needles to say, Joyce brings magic to any medium he works with. His newest project is The Numberlys.

When we think about the beginning of the end, Wyoming doesn’t seem like it would be at the epicenter. But in Anna Schumacher’s End Times, a small oil boom town in Carbon County, Wyoming is where it all starts. The signs have begun, a prophet is coming, and the battle before The Rapture is beginning to take shape.

It seems like it’s been a short summer. Labor Day is upon us, this first day of September, and to dedicate the day to the social and economic achievements of American workers, we have a bevy of specials lined up for your listening pleasure.

Chris Weitz has been entertaining teens for years with his movies American Pie, The Twilight Saga: New Moon, and About A Boy. Now he’s turned his attention to fiction, and his new book is The Young World.

Marissa Meyer - Cress

Aug 22, 2014

When Marissa Meyer debuted the first Lunar Chronicles novel, she took everything we thought we know about the fairytales of our childhood, and turned them upside down. Set in a futuristic world, the colonies are about declare war with the Moon and our Red Riding Hood and Cinderella characters are no longer damsels in distress, but emerging leaders of the resistance. The newest novel, and character in the series, is Cress, and she’s been locked in a satellite orbiting the earth for most of her life.

For 17 year old Mia, life can’t be the same, as her spirit is hanging in limbo after her family’s car crashes, leaving her the only potential survivor. So begins Gale Forman's young adult novel If I Stay.  Throughout the novel, and now the movie being released this Friday (8/22), we’re brought into a world no one should ever have to face – to choose to live or die - and we follow Mia as she makes this hard decision while in a coma.


Have you ever felt the pull to a particular place? In Kat Rosenfield’s novel Inland, our main character Callie, and all the women in her family, feel an unexplained pull to the ocean. We also learn that the further from the coast she travels, the sicker she becomes. The book is part fantasy, but with a sound foundation of realism, and Rosefield weaves a tragically beautiful tale that keeps the reader coming back for more.