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University of Vermont Health Network

Vermont regulators have voted to allow two hospitals within the University of Vermont Heath Network to use excess revenue to support community programs.

Picture of marijuana plant

The Vermont House Judiciary Committee has voted 6 to 5 to gut Senate legislation that would legalize marijuana and instead presented a new bill for consideration.

Apple blossoms
Pat Bradley/WAMC

April is a month for changes.  As trees bud, the maple season ends, but apple blossoms soon emerge.  It’s a time when orchardists carefully watch the temperatures. If they drop too low while apple trees are budding, it can damage the crop. With the fluctuating temperatures over the past week, some apple growers are concerned that their trees are at risk, while others say it’s too early to wave warning flags.

Starry Stonewort
Jim Grazio/USGS

A state official wants to close access to a cove off Lake Memphremagog in northern Vermont to prevent an invasive plant species from spreading.

cybersecurity graphic
Pixabay/Public Domain

Federal investigators found significant cybersecurity weaknesses in the health insurance websites of California, Kentucky and Vermont that could enable hackers to get their hands on sensitive personal information on hundreds of thousands of people.

Young smokers
Valentin Ottone/Flickr

After two days of floor debate, the Vermont House has sent a bill to the Senate that would raise the smoking age.

Connecticut River and Deerfield River Hydro Facilities

A seven-member working group has been formed by Vermont Governor Peter Shumlin, the House Speaker and Senate President Pro Tem to determine whether the state should try to buy 13 dams TransCanada has put on the market.

Town Hall, Port Henry, NY
Enesse Bhé/Wikimedia Commons

Last October, the residents of Port Henry, New York approved a petition to dissolve the village. A contentious meeting was held last night to discuss the dissolution plan.

Burlington Mayor Miro Weinberger
Burlington VT Mayor's Office

Saying Burlington is stronger than it has been in years, Mayor Miro Weinberger delivered his fifth State of the City address Monday evening.  He explains that his speech outlined the need to move from policy to action.


The Vermont Air National Guard will take delivery of its first F-35 fighter planes in 2019, a year earlier than originally planned. People in Burlington are paying close attention to the move.

U.S. and Canadian flags
Flanker/Wikimedia Commons/Public Domain

The Plattsburgh North Country Chamber of Commerce has analyzed the volume of traffic traversing the U.S.-Canada border at Champlain to determine whether the exchange rate is having an impact on people traveling south.

Q Burke logo
Q Burke Resort

Vermont regulators have frozen the escrow account for the Q Burke Hotel project, citing millions of dollars in unaccounted funds.

Bus rollover , Minerva, NY
NYS Police

Authorities say several people suffered minor injuries after a commercial bus crashed and overturned during a snowstorm Monday morning in the Adirondack Mountains.

This is an example of an emergency dispatcher at work

A top official in the Shumlin administration says claims that the Department of Public Safety will  stop taking calls at the two largest 911 answering locations next year "are completely outrageous and under-handed."

Andrew Wylie
Pat Bradley/WAMC

Clinton County District Attorney Andrew Wylie has announced that rather than seek a judge’s position in this year’s election, he will run for re-election next year.

WAMC Photo by Dave Lucas

After all-night negotiations and voting, New York has a budget for the fiscal year that began today.

District Attorney Andrew Wylie
Pat Bradley/WAMC

The District Attorney that led prosecutions in the wake of the escape of David Sweat and Richard Matt from the Clinton Correctional facility last summer plans to run for re-election.

The $35 million Essex County Jail and Public Safety Building houses the county’s jail,  911 center and other public safety services including the sheriff and state police.  Now, a committee of the county Board of Supervisors has approved $63,000 to repair a problem that has been plaguing the facility since it opened less than 9 years ago.

farm tractor in field
WAMC/Pat Bradley

Vermont agricultural officials are asking state legislators for permission to delay implementation of new water quality standards.

 Fernando Estrella
Vermont State Police

A New York City man has pleaded not guilty after Vermont police say they found more than 1,400 bags of heroin inside him.

Water drops
Tomas Sobek/Flickr

A top state environmental official says a fund being used to respond to the chemical contamination crisis in southwestern Vermont will be drained by the end of the year.

Lakeside Apartment flooding, Spring 2011
Pat Bradley/WAMC

In the spring of 2011, Lake Champlain reached record high levels and historic flooding occurred.  In Plattsburgh, a low-income housing complex along the lakeshore was condemned.  On Monday, the Plattsburgh City Planning Board approved plans to redevelop the 3-point-3 acre property.

Young smokers
Valentin Ottone/Flickr

A bill that was before the Vermont House to raise the smoking age was sent back to committee Tuesday for fiscal review.

Public officials in Vermont are expressing interest in getting into the power generation business, now that a series of hydroelectric dams on the Connecticut and Deerfield rivers are up for sale.

North Carolina postcard
Boston Public Library/Flickr

Vermont’s governor has banned any state-sponsored trips to North Carolina in response to a new law in the Tar Heel State.

Picture of marijuana plant
U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service/Wikimedia Commons Public Domain

The Vermont Senate has passed and moved to the House legislation that would legalize possession of small amounts of marijuana for recreational use.  The House Judiciary and Government Operations committees will take public testimony on the bill later this week.

Bernie Sanders
Bernie 2016

Senator Bernie Sanders won definitive victories in Democratic presidential caucuses Saturday in Washington state, Hawaii and Alaska.   The candidate’s chief strategists say it is still possible to make up a significant gap in delegates. But the chief strategist for frontrunner Hillary Clinton discounted those claims. WAMC’s North Country Bureau Chief Pat Bradley reports New York’s primary April 19th now looms large.

Adirondack Park sign
Pat Bradley/WAMC

The Department of Environmental Conservation announced the final management plan for 18,000 acres of northern Adirondack forest land in Franklin County on Monday.

Olympic Center, Lake Placid
Pat Bradley/WAMC

Quebec City's mayor is investigating the possibility of a bid for the 2026 Winter Olympics, and has reached out to officials in Lake Placid regarding use of the region's facilities.

The Vermont Department of Labor says the state's unemployment rate was 3.4 percent in February, unchanged since January.