Paul Tuthill

Pioneer Valley Bureau Chief

Paul Tuthill is WAMC’s Pioneer Valley Bureau Chief. He’s been covering news, everything from politics and government corruption to natural disasters and the arts, in western Massachusetts since 2007. Before joining WAMC, Paul was a reporter and anchor at WRKO in Boston.  He was news director for more than a decade at WTAG in Worcester.  Paul has won more than two dozen Associated Press Broadcast Awards. He won an Edward R. Murrow award for reporting on veterans’ healthcare for WAMC in 2011.  Born and raised in western New York, Paul did his first radio reporting while he was a student at the University of Rochester.

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Another public works project is planned in an historic part of downtown Springfield. It is an area of the city that has already seen close to $200 million in government investment over the last decade. WAMC”s Pioneer Valley Bureau Chief Paul Tuthill reports.

      The historic Armory-Quadrangle neighborhood will undergo aesthetic improvements beginning next fall with a project to repave streets, replace sidewalks, put in new street lights and green spaces. It is to be paid for with $1.6 million in federal money obtained as earmarks by Massachusetts Congressman Richard Neal

Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick is set to sign a new state budget.  WAMC’s Paul Tuthill reports.


A federal court ruling clears the way for the city of Springfield Massachusetts to implement a foreclosure ordinance.  Housing rights advocates predict the local law will become a model for other cities and states struggling with the blight caused by foreclosed vacant property.  WAMC”s Pioneer Valley Bureau Chief Paul Tuthill reports.


The city of Springfield Massachusetts is expected to soon implement a foreclosure ordinance now that a federal court has rejected a challenge by the Massachusetts Bankers Association.  WAMC’s Paul Tuthill reports.


Supermarkets and grocery stores in Massachusetts starting next year will no longer be required to put a price sticker on every item on their shelves.  WAMC’s Paul Tuthill reports.


            The law signed by Governor Deval Patrick permits food stores to stop affixing  prices to individual  items if they install self serve  price check scanners in their stores..  Edgar Dworsky, a consumer advocate who wrote the state’s item priceing law 25 years ago, says the change is a blow to consumer rights.  He says aisle scanners have proven to be very unreliable.


A large castle made of sticks has been built in Springfield Massachusetts.  It is not child’s play, but the work of world-renowned artist.   WAMC”s Pioneer Valley Bureau Chief Paul Tuthill reports.


            Over the course of three weeks in June, Patrick Dougherty, with the help of some 50 volunteers, twisted, pulled, tied and tangled several tractor trailor truck loads of  sticks….tree saplings actually…into a sculpture on the Quadrangle grounds of the Springfield Museums.


                Military veterans who risked their lives for their country are having an increasingly difficult time finding a job when they return home.  Local organizations with help from federal agencies are trying to help unemployed veterans find jobs in western Massachusetts.  WAMC”s Pioneer Valley Bureau Chief Paul Tuthill reports.


The U.S Labor Department has awarded more than $1 million to three agencies in Massachusetts to help homeless veterans.. WAMC”s Paul Tuthill reports.


            The western Massachusetts based program, Soldier On has been awarded two grants totaling $400,000.  Soldier On President John Downing says  the money will be use to provide job training to up to 160 homeless veterans.

            The other grant recipients are the Worcester based  Veterans Inc, and the New England Center for Homeless Veterans which is located in Boston..

Nearly 100 children from two public housing developments in Springfield Massachusetts are enrolled in an innovative summer  literacy program.   WAMC’s Paul Tuthill reports.

A top federal official says completed environmental assessments will lead to major wind energy projects off the southern New England coast.    WAMC”s Paul Tuthill reports.




A special summer camp opened today for children from two public housing developments in Springfield Massachusetts.   As WAMC”s Pioneer Valley Bureau Chief Paul Tuthill tells us the camp is part of an innovative early literacy program.


A new federal grant aims to help Massachusetts workers who have been affected by layoffs. WAMC’s Paul Tuthill Reports.

The U.S. Labor Department says nearly $2.7 million will be available to assist 345 Massachusetts workers affected by layoffs at a  half dozen large companies, including Fidelity Investments, Sun Life Financial, and National Grid.

The grant money, which was awarded to the Massachusetts Department of Workforce Development, will provide job search and support services, as well as employment-related assistance.

The US Supreme Court’s historic decision on the national healthcare law has injected what could prove to be a pivotal issue into the US Senate race in Massachusetts.   WAMC”s Paul Tuthill reports.

            Both Republican Senator Scott Brown and Democratic challenger Elizabeth Warren can use the healthcare reform issue to rally their bases and raise money, according to political consultant  Tony Cignolli.

The city of Springfield Massachusetts will enter a new fiscal year this Sunday, July 1st, with a budget that officials describe as “ austere” and “ bare-bones”.  It is also a budget that remains out of balance, as we hear from WAMC’s Pioneer Valley Bureau Chief, Paul Tuthill..


            The $551.8 million dollar  budget will cut more than 100 city jobs, cause three library branches to close, take a fire department ladder truck out of service, and result in reduced repairs and maintenance of streets, sidewalks and parks.

State officials have announced grants for two western Massachusetts communities to help with on-going restoration work from last year’s tornadoes.   WAMC”s Paul Tuthill reports.

The city council in Springfield Massachusetts has approved what officials described as an  “austere”  budget for the fiscal year that starts Sunday, July 1st.  WAMC’s Paul Tuthill reports.


            The  $552 million dollar budget proposed by Mayor Domenic Sarno  was approved by a vote of 7 to 5 with no additional cuts in spending.   City councilor Kenneth Shea said to cut city services deeper than what the mayor has proposed would be unpalatable to most residents and businesses.


The head of the biggest hospital group in western Massachusetts says the Supreme Court’s ruling on the health-care reform law removes uncertainty.   WAMC”s Paul Tuthill reports.

            Over the long run, the healthcare system in the United States will be dramatically restructured, says Mark Tolosky, President CEO of Springfield based Baystate Health. But he’s worried  in the short term because half the estimated $1 trillion to pay for the health-care law is to come from reduced payments to doctors and hospitals.

Eric Haynes / Governor’s Office

Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick, who is a strong political ally of President Obama, said he is delighted by the Supreme Court’s decision on healthcare reform.   WAMC”s Paul Tuthill reports.

            Governor Patrick said the Supreme Court had affirmed the correctness of the Massachusetts approach to health care reform which served as a model for the national law.  Massachusetts has 98 percent of its adults’ covered by health insurance. Patrick said the health care reform law had not busted the state budget, and health insurance premiums were holding steady or going down..

       WAMC"s Pioneer Valley Bureau Chief Paul Tuthill spoke with Springfield Massachusetts based political consultant Anthony Cignoli, who commented on the political impact of Thursday's US Supreme Court ruling.

       Leora Harpaz, a professor at Western New England University School of Law, spoke with WAMC's Pioneer Valley Bureau Chief Paul Tuthill about the U.S. Supreme Court's decision to uphold key provisions of the Affordable Care Act.


Riders of the largest public transit system in western Massachusetts no longer have a possible fare hike looming.. WAMC’s Paul Tuthill reports.


Riders of the largest public transit system in western Massachusetts no longer have a possible fare hike looming.  But, the  Pioneer Valley Transit Authority will need more revenue next year to avoid a budget deficit and possible service cuts.  WAMC’s Pioneer Valley Bureau Chief Paul Tuthill reports.



A federal judge heard final arguments Wednesday in a lawsuit brought by six banks seeking to overturn two anti-foreclosure ordinances in the city of Springfield Massachusetts.  WAMC’s Paul Tuthill reports.


A new report details  the  huge impact existing military bases have on the economy in Massachusetts.  The report was prepared as part of an effort to save the state’s six military installations from federal cuts.   WAMC”s Pioneer Valley Bureau Chief Paul Tuthill reports



A major project will bring aesthetic improvements to a Springfield Massachusetts neighborhood where a $110 million state government data center is nearly complete.   WAMC”s Paul Tuthill reports..

            Portions of the historic Armory-Quadrangle neighborhood will have streets repaved, sidewalks replaced,,new  lighting and greenspaces paid for with $1.6 million in federal money secured as earmarks by Congressman Richard Neal.

Springfield Public Schools

The outgoing superintendent of schools in Springfield Massachusetts has been hired as a deputy commissioner with the Massachusetts Education Department.   WAMC’s Paul Tuthill reports.

Three branch libraries are scheduled to close at the end of this week in Springfield Massachusetts because of budget cuts. Library advocates have mobilized to try to stop the closures.  WAMC”s Pioneer Valley Bureau Chief Paul Tuthill reports.


            About 50 people held a rally outside the  East Forest Park library branch to protest plans to close it.

The US Supreme Court’s upcoming ruling on national healthcare won’t quiet the political debate, according to a Massachusetts Congressman.  WAMC’s Paul Tuthill reports

            Whether the justices uphold or strike down all  or parts of the Affordable Care Act, the eagerly awaited decision will provide plenty of political fodder for supporters and opponents, says Massachusetts Congressman Richard Neal.


A World War Two veteran from western Massachusetts was honored Friday by the government of France for his role in liberating the country.  WAMC’s Pioneer Valley Bureau Chief Paul Tuthill reports.


            Joseph Della Giustina landed on Omaha Beach on D-Day, June 6, 1944, a day after his  21st birthday. He fought throughout France to liberate the country from the Nazis. For his sacrifice and courage he was  awarded the French Legion of Honor, the country’s highest decoration.

The US Senate candidates in Massachusetts are still debating where and how often to debate. WAMC”s Paul Tuthill reports.