2012 O+ Health and Wellness Festival

Sep 24, 2012

Throughout the O+ Health and Wellness Festival weekend of Oct. 5-7, artists, musicians and even festival volunteers will be exchanging talent for talent with medical caregivers, doctors, educators and professionals for health screenings during an on-site weekend clinic.

Various treatment modes and providers — general practitioners, occupational therapists, physical and sports therapists, dentists, orthopedists, massage therapists, chiropractics, acupuncturists, addiction counselors and others — will be seeing participants in a temporary clinic setting throughout the festival weekend, and will also offer follow-up office visit vouchers and continued care as needed. Plus, there will be the art and music that give the festival a nationwide reputation. 

We are joined by Denise Orzo, a member of the Art Committee, Mathew Cullen, who is on the Music Committee, and Joe Concra, a Co-Organizer of O+ and is a Painter who lives in Kingston NY.