2013 Listener Choice Award

Dec 3, 2013

In a few weeks, we will be announcing the winners of our Third Annual Senior Superlatives to honor the hard work professors from around the world have put into The Academic Minute in the past year. Below are the nominees for the Listener Choice award. If you don’t already have a favorite, take a few moments to listen before heading over to our Facebook page to vote. Voting will close at the end of the day (5pm Eastern) on Thursday, December 12th. 

George Poinar, Oregon State University - Ancient Spider Attack in Amber

Earle McBride, The University of Texas at Austin - D-Day Sand

Elisabeth Blagrove, University of Warwick - Shape and Evil Faces

A. David Lewis, Merrimack College - The Afterlife in Comic Books

Paul Booth, DePaul University - The Cultural Meaning of Doctor Who

Norman Housley, University of Leicester - Body of Richard III

Sharon Kim, Johns Hopkins University - Social Outsiders and Business Success

Tony Gamble,University of Minnesota Evolution of Gecko Feet

Thomas Morrissey, SUNY Plattsburgh - Young Adult Dystopian Novels

Juliana Fernandez, University of Miami - Do Negative Political Ads Work?

Peter McGraw, University of Colorado - Tragedy and Humor

Mike Wheatland, University of Sydney - Physics of a Falling Slinky

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