3rd Challenge To Albany Cyberbullying Law

Oct 25, 2013

Cyberbullying is on the rise locally and nationally - many parents have lost young teens who chose to end their lives rather than face constant harassment on social media. But Albany County's groundbreaking law against Cyberbullying is being hauled before an appellate court, for a third time.

Albany County Executive Dan McCoy feels most parents fail to understand the extent to which the internet is woven into their children's lives. McCoy vows Local Law "F" will be vigorously defended as it heads back to the New York Court of Appeals where its constitutionality will be argued.  

Former Albany County Legislator Brian Scavo introduced the legislation that later became the law.
Scavo and McCoy cite recent events in Florida, where a 14-year-old has been charged with stalking after a 12-year-old was bullied and committed suicide. There have also been cases involving suspected cyberbullying closer to home in places like East Greenbush, Rotterdam and Ravena.

Albany's cyberbullying law led to the 2011 arrest of a Cohoes youngster who McCoy says created a Facebook page that targeted other children.

The minor in the Cohoes case pleaded guilty to one of 10 misdemeanors.  New York State enacted the Dignity for All Students Act in 2012, requiring schools to create policies to address cyberbullying both on and off school property.

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