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Albany, NY – Zainab Salbi grew up in a wealthy Baghdad family. She and her two brothers
attended good schools, and her mother and father worked to hard to create
a tightly knit, loving family. But things changed when Zainab turned 11,
when Dictator Saddam Hussein hand-picked her father to become his private pilot.

In her new book, Between Two World, Salbi shows how Hussein
"managed to make decent people" like her parents, "complicit in
their own oppression". By the time she was 20, Hussein's attentions to her
were too much for her mother to bear, so Zainab's mother arranged a marriage
for her to an Iraqi living in the U.S. He, in turn, was abusive to her. Now Salbi
is the founder and president of Women for Women International, an organization
which provides women victims of war the resources to recover.

51%'s Susan Arbetter had the opportunity to speak with Salbi about her book,
her work today, and how her father's appointment by Saddam Hussein changed her family...

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