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DT: FRIDAY, February 3rd 2006
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Coretta Scott King's nephew, Isaac Newton Farris shared some memories of
his aunt Corretta, and talked about her contributions to non violence and civil rights.
Mr. Farris is President and CEO of The King Center, in Atlanta Georgia. Founded by Mrs. King, the center is dedicated to preserving Dr. Martin Luthor King's legacy of non violence.

In 1971, state politicians, in a bid to make Nevada a leader
in welfare reform, cut aid to the state's poor. But a group of
Westside welfare mothers, led by Ruby Duncan - a hotel maid & mother-of-seven - fought back. That spring, with thousands of citizens, peace
activists, clergy and Hollywood celebrities, Duncan and her crew
stormed Caesars Palace, shutting down Sin City's famous strip,
and focusing the attention of the nation on Las Vegas' welfare policies.
This amazing chapter in history is re-told by Dartmouth College
Professor of History, Annelise Orleck in her new book, "Storming
Caesar's Palace: How Black Mothers Fought Their Own War on
Poverty". Not surprisingly these black women didn't live at the
glitzy hotels where many of them worked...51%'s Susan Arbetter
asked Professor Orleck to describe the Westside neighborhood
where most of them lived...



Playwright Wendy Wasserstein was know for chronicling the lives of
a generation of feminists who were raised in the 60's and 70's, went
on to careers and families in 80's and 90's. Wasserstein died of
lymphoma on January 30th. Cynthia Samuels is a longtime media
professional, who became friends with Wendy Wasserstein in the
early days of their careers. She spoke with 51%'s Mary Darcy.


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