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Remember Cinderella, Rumplestiltskin and the other fairytales
written by the brothers Grimm? Turns out the tales were not
written by the brothers, nor were they collected by them from
German peasants, as many believe. Not according to Valerie
Paradiz.. Paradiz is a researcher and scholar who says that Jacob
and Wilhelm Grimm actually collected these tales from a several
aristocratic women with whom they socialized. She traveled to
Germany to research the brothers Grimm and their upper-crust
muses and uncovered some very interesting details about their
collaboration. It's all in her latest book, "Clever Maids: The Secret
History of the Grimm Fairy Tales". She told 51%'s Susan Arbetter
about some of her discoveries ...and about the truth behind the brothers


Poet Rafaela Nunnally shares a poem called This One's
for the Mommy God .


The movie "Sideways" cheered on California's wines. But the annual miracle of turning sour grapes into velvety wine isn't limited to the Left Coast, nor is it an art that's restricted to the wrinkled old men who are often our typecast vision of winemakers. Women are becoming cellar dwellars, taking over the hallowed job of winemaker. One Colorado woman is not only a gender pioneer. She's stirring up the status quo with her renegade way of producing a challenging wine. Nancy Greenleese reports.


This week in the artists spotlight,
new blues from Susan Werner.
You can learn more about Werner and her muisc
on line at susanwerner.com


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