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DT: Friday, June 16th, 2006

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Mary & Jeanne run through some of the stories beneath the headlines .

( 2:15 )

Green is hot on the runways of Europe these days. Not the color...the concept.
In the U.K. alone...the eco- friendly clothing industry is worth about
80 million dollars...and it's growing. Naomi Fowler reports from London's first
comprehensive ethical fashion exhibition that's trying to pursued designers and
consumers to care about what you wear...

Mary Talks with Salon.com's Rebecca Traister about new right wing
college groups for women.

( 4:46 )

Each spring, a new crop of high school students don elegant dresses and tuxedos
and set off in limousines...or dad's car...for the prom. Today-essayist Martha Holmes
shares some reflections on ....reflecting on the prom...

(3:48 )
Martha Holmes is a writer from New York's Hudson Valley.
This month, the Tony Award for Best Actress in a musical went to
an actress named LaChanze- who plays Celie in the stage adapatation of
Alice Walker's, The Color Purple. LaChanze plays Celie...
who goes from being a 14 year old incest victim ...to a 43 year old powerful
self assured woman...
This week in the artist spotlight...Tony Award winner
LaChanze with I'm Here...from The Color Purple...

( 4:23 )

Tony Award winner LaChanze with I'm Here...
from the new Broadway musical...the color purple.
You can find out more about LaChanze and
the show at colorpurple.com


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