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DT: FRIDAY, August 25th, 2006

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On this week's program:

Commentary from women around the country
about engaging in the political process.

64 percent of eligible
voters cast ballots in
the 2004 presidential election..
that's up from 60 percent in
2000 according to the U-S
census bureau. Every
year as election season approaches
political parties and voter registration
groups work overtime to
raise that figure.
but as commentator Jill
Moore points out...sometimes
politics...is just a family


Jill Moore is a freelance writer in Nashville
Tennessee, and Jordan, Brodin and Jessica's mom.
Years before she could vote, our next commentator,
Amy Biancolli, had her first political crush . It led to
a brush with political greatness...and our 39th president.
Amy Biancolli is the author of House of Holy Fools: A
Family Portrait in Six Cracked Parts. It's published by Lulu.

So what do you do with a youthful exuberance and
an interest in politics? Fourteen year old Carly
Timm-Bijou has plenty of ideas


Carley Timm-Bijou is a member of the editorial board
at new moon magazine and a freshman at The Marshall
School in Duluth Minnesota.
Our next commentator was even younger
than Carly when she learned her first
political lesson, but Jen Cheny says
it's a lesson that still resonates with her today.


Jen Cheny is an editor washingtonpost.com
and a humor columnist for The Gazetts.
From running for office, to campaigning...
to voting...everyone who participates
in the political process has their own
personal reasons. Even, as Sarah Littman
points out...if it's license to complain...


Sarah Littman is a columnist for the
Greenwhich Times in Connecticut.
The things we learn about politics and government
help us to make important choices in our life.
Zainab Magdon Ismail, made one of the most
important personal and political
decisions of her life this past summer.


MD: Zainab Magdon Ismail is a public health professional
and freelance radio producer who comes to us from
Loudenville New York.


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