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Albany , NY –
On this week's program:

Mary and Jeanne run down some of the stories beneath the headlines .


Here's a headline you probably didn't miss. You may have heard that Afghanistans minister of women, Safia Amajan, was killed recently. But as Laura Iiyama (e ah ma) reports, her murder is the latest in a string of attacks on women and education in the country...


Salon.com writer and Broadsheet contributor Rebecca Traister talks with Mary about
same sex couples and immigration law.


Each Year the MacAurthur Foundation awards 500 thousand dollars... no strings attached ... to a handful of creative people in the arts and the sciences. The fellowship allows them to develop their work, free of many of the constraints of day to day living. Twenty five new fellows were just announced, and among them is artist Anna Shuleit. Shuleit received the fellowship largely based on her installation art. She brings historic sites and structures back to life by incorporating them into her artwork. She'll use an entire building as a ... canvas... which means that the work is temporary. It can be seen for a very short period of time...and then it's gone...just a memory. Which she says...is part of the point...


And finally, in the artists spotlight...another MacArthur Genius grant winner. Regina Carter uses the violin... predominately associated with classical music... for her own style of improvisational jazz. She was the first jazz musician, and the first African American to play Paganini's famous violin. Here she is with that violin...and a tune called , Reverie.