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Albany, NY –
Dr. Helen Caldicott, physician and vocal anti-nuclear campaigner, spoke by phone with journalist Claudia Cragg after the 2007 6.8 earthquake in Japan which hit the world's largest nuclear power plant at Kashiwazaki-Kariwa. That is not the same plant affected by the recent earthquake and tsunami it's a different one. And back in 2007, Dr. Caldicott was warning that the worries in Japan should be shared at California's nuclear plants.

8:52 Japan Quake Caldicott

That was anti-nuclear activist Dr. Helen Caldicott with journalist Claudia Cragg after a 2007 earthquake in Japan.

It's more than seven years since a brutal civil war in Liberia came to an end.
But now this small country on the West Coast of Africa boasts the continents' first elected female President and more elections later this year -the rebuilding of Liberia has begun. 51%'s Polly Fields reports on how the young people of Liberia are moving forward with their lives in a new future.

5:14 Liberia Fields

That report came from 51%'s Polly Fields on location in Liberia.

Communist China's one child policy is now coming back to haunt its people. Adopted 30 years ago, it was an attempt to curb China's exploding population. The government limited urban families to one child. Rural families could have two. But there was another factor to consider. For thousands of years, Chinese families traditionally valued sons more than daughters, so many families did anything they could to have a son. The first generation of one child policy babies are now of marrying age, and the number of young men in China unable to find wives is approaching 20 million. Jennifer Dunn of the World Vision Report brings us this story from rural China.

6:05 Hainan Gender Gap PRX

That story came to us from the World Vision Report.