51% Show # 1041

Albany, NY – It's been said that the moral test of any society is how it treats its weakest members. In Florida, tens of thousands of people live in the state's nearly 3-thousand assisted-living facilities. A year-long collaborative investigation by the Miami Herald and public radio station WLRN has turned up at least 70 questionable deaths due to caretaker neglect in Florida assisted-living facilities over the past decade. As the nation ages, Florida is a case study for how the U.S. cares for the elderly. Kenny Malone reports

7:16 Neglected to Death PRX

That story comes to us courtesy the public radio exchange and WLRN.

Judith Boice produces a radio series called the Mystics Almanac and she takes a deeper look into the world around us. In this segment, she discusses what she learned when she worked in a nursing home.

4:58 Nursing Home

Mystics Almanac is produced by Dr. Judith Boice at KVNF in Colorado.

Children go where their parents go. That's just the way it usually is. But what happens when the mother's pursuit of happiness makes her daughter miserable? When Grace Edgerton was a child, her mother moved out to a remote piece of the Arizona desert to live off the land. Things didn't work out exactly the way they had planned...

8:10 Grace in Bisbee

That report, entitled Homestead Childhood, comes to us from Grace Edgerton. She's 16 now, and she says she's much happier.

Finally, Gilles Malkine profiles my dad's favorite singer. Even though she's been dead for fifty years, Patsy Cline's still one of the top country singers ever. But did you know that voice wasn't the one she was born with?

4:07 Patsy Cline

Gilles Malkine is a writer and musician..he lives in the Catskills of New York.