51% Show # 1131

Albany, NY – The United States considers itself the model for a democratic society - and yet our businesses are far behind the rest of the world in recognizing the needs of families. The United States is one of the only countries in the world that doesn't offer paid parental leave. Veteran public radio reporter Anne Garrels looks at what this means for American families.

6:06 Planned Family Leave - PRX

That report comes to us from Rights Watch Radio, produced by Human Rights Watch.

There's another basic issue that has yet to be addressed wage discrimination. A woman makes 25 percent less than a man doing exactly the same job. And the numbers of women in the top echelon of management are still far behind the number of men. Selena Rezvani says it's time to legislate pay parity.

5:02 Pay Parity Rezvani

Selena Rezvani is regular contributor to 51%; find out more about her at nextgenwomen.com

Family businesses have traditionally been passed from father to son. Particularly before 1950, girls were usually expected to find a good man, get married and raise children. Marianne Schnall, founder of feminist.com, has a different family story.

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Marianne Schnall is an author and founder of feminist.com. You can find a monthly 51% column at feminist.com as well.

And finally, the story of a woman whose life has truly spanned some remarkable changes. Vaudeville entertainer Flossie Turner Lewis reflects on her life, including working with the family act in the minstrel show circuit and finally getting an education. Kate Szrom reports.

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