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Albany, NY – Elizabeth Gilbert's Eat Pray Love was a sensation - a book that was a happy combination of travel, guilt free dining, enlightenment and romance. But the part of the story set in India is one that, according to a writer who spent years in that ashram, creates a mystique around Siddha Yoga that just isn't deserved. Marta Szabo, author of "The Guru Looked Good", was a Siddha Yoga insider; she became an assistant to Gurumayi, the master described as being in "uninterrupted identification with her Supreme Self. In her book, Szabo describes a very human guru who can be petty and generous, cruel and thoughtful. And since she wrote the book, Szabo's been the target of some bitter mail from Siddha Yoga followers who feel she's betrayed them.

10:02 Marta Szabo

Marta Szabo is the author of "The Guru Looked Good." She is co-director of the Authentic Writing Workshop in Woodstock NY. You can find out more at Authenticwriting.com.

Coming up, are women's colleges still relevant? And we'll get into the mind of the founder of a creative dance company.

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A recent survey showed that women are now getting PhD's in higher numbers than men. Those advanced degrees can be very important - and so are the colleges where you pursue your education. As prices continue to climb, students and parents are demanding that they get much more than a degree from today's colleges and universities. Author Selena Rezvani takes a look at the role of all-women colleges in the 21st century.

4:46 Rezvani women's colleges

Selena Rezvani is an author and public speaker - you can find out more at her website, nextgenwomen.com.

Finally, we're going to take an inside look at Weberdance - a contemporary dance company. It's narrated by founder and artistic director Dr. Jody Weber. She offers us a glimpse into the world behind an art form that, for many of us, is just plain baffling.

"That cacophony of voices you're hearing is the sound of process - the process of creating modern dance. Choreographer Jody Weber explains in this first-person narrative."

5:14 Weberdance PRX

Doctor Jody Weber is the Artistic Director of Weberdance. Our first-person narrative was produced by Chris Engles in Boston Massachusetts.