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Albany, NY – Lots of people in the automotive industry expect hydrogen to be a major fuel source in the future. Cars that run on hydrogen don't emit greenhouse gases from the tailpipe. In fact, they don't emit anything except water. But there are some costs to fueling the future on hydrogen. Right now, hydrogen is produced using natural gas. That means there are still CO2 emissions. Instead of pollution from the car tailpipe, the pollution comes from industrial smokestacks. The bottom line for many experts is that hydrogen fuel cell-power just shifts pollution upstream. Julie Grant reports:

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Now let's turn to how alternative energy can change the lives of women in poor, rural areas of the world.

It's been more than 30-years since the first Barefoot College was established in northern India. Since then smaller Barefoot Colleges have come up around the country to train poor, rural people to become so-called "experts" through practical hands-on training. Over the years, hundreds of doctors, teachers, and health specialists have been trained and sent back to their communities as experts. One of the occupations taught to women in the last seven years has been solar engineering. Sunita Thakur reports from the Barefoot College headquarters in Tilonia.

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That story comes to us from World Vision Report.

Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math - STEM, as it's known, is vital to our future. But author Selena Rezvani says despite the fact that women now hold the majority of college degrees and have better GPAs, STEM is a still a field dominated by men.

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Selena Rezvani is an author and public speaker - you can find out more at her website, nextgenwomen.com. And if you're interested in this topic, you'll find a wealth of information, and hear from women in science, technology, engineering and math at womeninscience.org.

Finally, Giles Malkine continues his series on women in history with a profile of the last queen of Hawaii. It may give you a whole new perspective on your favorite fruit juice.

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Giles Malkine is a writer and musician. He lives in New York.