51% Show # 1148

Albany, NY – Julie Keene harvests snails for a living, but she's had to give that up. Julie's given up her only source of income to wage a lonely fight to save her snails and her community's way of life.

8:33 Snails

That report from Salt Radio.

Housecleaning can be steady work even in a tough economy - but the chemicals most professional cleaners use can be hard on their health. But there's a program that focuses on making low income women independent - and promotes environmentally friendly business. It's called WAGES -and it's not only good for women's wallets, it's better for their health. Producer Tena Rubio has the story.

7:42 Healthy Jobs

That report came from producer Tena Rubio in California. Find out more at WAGEScooperatives.org.

And finally, Florence Sabin opened doors for many women in medicine .by being the first to step through them. Gilles Malkine has more.

5:01 Sabin Malkine

Gilles Malkine is a musician and writer. This is part of an ongoing series on women in history .if you're interested in finding out more about Dr. Florence Sabin, go to the Colorado Women's Hall of Fame website at cogreatwomen.org