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Albany, NY – Small towns across America may soon lose a part of their identity. Up to 3,000 post offices are targeted for closure because of the US Post Office's budget troubles. Eleven community post offices are on the line in Colorado, and for residents in the town of New Raymer the move is raising a slew of questions, sparking anger and some introspection about whether a town is really a town without a post office. KUNC's Grace Hood has more.

4:13 Post Office Closure Hood

It's natural to want to help when you see impoverished communities but is what you want to do really going to help? At the University of California at Berkely, the Center for Evaluation of Global Action uses the best research standard in looking at social interventions - evaluating what really works, and what doesn't. And then it uses that information to put limited funding to the best use. Laura Iiyama reports.

7:30 CEGA Iiyama

If you want to find out more, go to CEGA.berkeley.edu that's cega.berkeley.edu.

There's a new group of women in the working the world Generation Y. According to Selena Rezvani, they're proving to be a surprise. They're not buying into their mother's version of ambition.

5:01 Ambition Rezvani

Selena Rezvani is an author and speaker. Find out more at nextgenwomen.com.
If you're like me, you spent much of the winter fantasizing about the garden you'd have once summer arrived. So now summer is here, and that garden's probably nothing like you imagined. There are more weeds than you expected, or the rain drowned your shade garden or a blight wiped out your tomatoes. Ada Igoe in Minnesota has some thoughts about why a timeline just doesn't work when you're dealing with a garden.

3:47 Garden Igoe

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