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DT: Friday November 11 2011
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Corporate America is under fire. The Occupy movement which has spread across the globe has a bottom line message demanding corporate accountability. And according to a new book called "Good Company", those companies which are good places to work, make quality products and take responsibility for the environmental and their communities also make more money. But according to Laurie Bassi, one of the authors, their research showed that few of the Fortune 100 made the grade.

9:37 Laurie Bassi

Laurie Bassi is co-author of "Good Company: Business Success in the Worthiness Era." Find out more at goodcompanyindex.com.

Coming up, just who are those people who are occupying wall street and joining in around the globe? We'll hear just one of millions of stories from the people who say they're the 99 percent. Plus what a hundred days in Juneau Alaska will teach you

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A website called Occupy Together is now helping people get information about the movement that began with the Occupy Wall Street protest. There are meet ups' listed in over 16 hundred American cities. In keeping with the movement's original spirit, there is no central coordination, but Occupy Together.org tries to keep up with the meetings, the new occupations and suggests that technology-powered people power that Laurie Bassi mentioned as so important in making corporations more accountable. Facebook and Twitter are suggested as places to look if you're wondering if the Occupy Movement has come to your town.

But who exactly are the people who are joining the movement? The Internet is now full of photographs of people holding signs that tell their story. And Annie Shreffler pays visits the Occupy Boston camp that got started near the end of September. She talked with Western Mass resident Corrie Garnet at the medic tent.

5:29 Corri Garnet PRX

Want to find out the latest news on the Occupy Movement? Visit Occupytogether.org.

And finally, writer Susan Dyer left her home in Rochester this year to move to Juneau Alaska - somewhere she'd never been. After a hundred days, she's settled into her new job as a teacher, moonlighting as a jazz show host on the local radio station, and learning the ropes

5:07 100 Days Susan Dyer

Susan Dyer is a writer, a teacher and now, a radio music show host.


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