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DT: Friday November 25 2011
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It might seem difficult to be thankful with so many problems facing the world. Today, take a few minutes to get to know Frances Moore Lappe - the woman who wrote Diet for a Small Planet forty years ago. She's still working for change - and she's got a new book out that can prove to you that there are solutions within our grasp for almost every challenge our world faces.

11:07 Frances Moore Lappe - Ecomind

Frances Moore Lappe is the author of Ecomind - Changing the Way We Think To Create the World We Want and the founder of the Small Planet Institute. Find out more at smallplanet.org.

Coming up, the name of a club that was the center of the musical universe helps raise funds to help artists in crisis.

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Max's Kansas City is a name that, for music lovers, still has magic. Founded by Mickey Ruskin, Max's was a New York City club and restaurant that was a second home for Andy Warhol, Lou Reed and many now-classic artists of the rock, glitter and punk music scene. Mickey Ruskin's partner, Yvonne Sewall, has created a foundation that carries the Max's Kansas City name - and one of its projects is collecting funds to distribute to artists in trouble.

6:33 Max's KC Project Barnett

Yvonne Sewell is the widow of Max's founder Mickey Ruskin. She runs the Max's Kansas City Project - which is currently raising funds for its emergency aid for artist grants. Find out more at maxskansascity.org.

In India, 40% of the population lives on less than $2 a day. To pay for food and other essentials, people have to come up with creative ways to make money. Reporter Deepak Singh tells us about one family's balancing act, in this reporter's notebook from Lucknow, India.

2:39 Stilt Girl


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