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DT: Friday December 16, 2011
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BILLBOARD - Susan Barnett (Music Out)


When police moved against the Occupy movement in cities around the country, the Internet was flooded with disturbing pictures. An elderly woman was pepper sprayed. A pregnant woman miscarried after being pepper sprayed and hit by police. University of California Davis policemen sprayed a line of sitting students - that's led toa viral internet video, resignations and internal investigations. In Tulsa, Oklahoma, the use of pepper spray against protesters is an issue that's going to court. This Land Press has both sides of the issue.

4:00 Pepper Spray PRX

That report comes to us from This Land Press.

This holiday season, American military forces are fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan - and according to an August article in Salon, special ops forces are working in as many as seventy other locations every day. According to award winning journalist Nick Turse, a secret force within the U.S. military is undertaking operations in a majority of the world's countries. The American war in Afghanistan has now lasted longer than World Wars One and Two combined. Since the Iraq war began in 2003, more than 44 hundred Americans have died there and it is estimated that the wounded number more than a hundred thousand. It's a long way from the peace we all supposedly long for. Jim McMillen with War News Radio reports on one woman who's been taking a stand for peace - and is about to join the larger Occupy movement.

7:35 Honking for Peace

Coming up, a woman whose voice helped inspire the peace movement - and her thoughts on what's happening today.

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Finally, singer/songwriter Melanie took the stage at the 1969 Woodstock Festival and brought the house down. Inspired by the spirit of that event, she wrote a song that proved to be one of a string of hits

9:23 Melanie Barnett

Melanie will be performing at BB Kings in New York City in April and her latest album is called Ever Since You Never Heard of Me. Find out more at melaniesafka.com.


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