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DT: Friday December 23, 2011
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We look forward to the holiday season for months, but those high expectations are too often accompanied by stress. Whether you're hosting the gathering or traveling to Grandma's, a day with the people you love can leave your stomach in knots. So what if you thought about it like theatre - it's a play - and you can choose your role. Blair Glaser is a drama therapist - and she has some common sense answers that might make the season merrier.

8:41 Holiday Drama Blair Glaser Barnett

Blair Glaser is a drama therapist who coaches individuals and corporate clients. You can find out more at blairglaser.com.

Coming up, a sneaking presents over the border and a full year of paying attention.
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The Christmas season is about giving - and many of us try to extend that giving beyond our own immediate families. But writer Carmen Delzell had a holiday tradition that went a step farther - she smuggled gifts into Mexico.

4:08 Smuggling for Christmas PRX

This piece was produced by Carmen Delzell with Jay Allison back in 1999. Carmen Delzell is a writer and radio commentator. She is now an American expatriate - she lives with two donkeys and nine dogs in rural Mexico.

The holiday season is also a time to think about our lives - and our choices - in preparation for the new year. Jenny Levison decided to do something new every day for a year and write about it as part of her spiritual journey. Her year is almost up and producer Shannon Geis checked in to see what it's meant to her.

6:28 Never Done Year

You can read Jenny Levison's blog at neverdoneyear.blogspot.com.


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