51% Show #1208

Sep 7, 2012

51% Episode 1208
Sept 6, 2012

There are no shortages of role models for girls in the music business – unless you want to be a drummer.  The drums are usually male turf – with some notable exceptions like Meg White, Sheila E, Moe Tucker and even Karen Carpenter. This week I got the chance to chat with Terri Lyne Carrington, who has a place beside those drumming greats. She’s played with Herbie Hancock, Stan Getz, Dizzy Gillespie and other jazz greats. Her last album, The Mosaic Project, won a Grammy this year for best jazz vocal album.

10:20  Terri Lyne Carrington  Barnett

Find out more about Terri Lyne Carrington at terrilynecarrington.com.

Up next, looking for a lost music star… and making music in an abandoned city lot.  If you missed part of this show or want to hear it again, visit the 51% archives at wamc.org.  This week’s show is #1208.


Imagine a musical artist who plays the biggest American venues, who gets raves reviews wherever she goes, who plays with the biggest stars of her day. Then she disappears.  That’s the story of Adele Aus der Ohe, a pianist who took America by storm before World War One, then disappeared in the economic chaos of post war Germany.  LaWayne Leno heard her story from his own music teacher and was determined to rediscover this lost artist.

5:42  Leno  Aus der Ohe  Barnett

LaWayne Leno is the author of  The Lost Story of Adele Aus der Ohe, From a Liszt Student to a Virtuoso.  Find out more at adeleausderohe.com or on his Facebook page.

A group of artists are filling New Orleans' Bywater neighborhood with an odd orchestra. It’s a slapdash village of fully interactive musical buildings on a vacant lot, and WRKF's Tegan Wendland went for a visit to see if houses really can make music.

4:31  Shantytown Music Box PRX

That story comes to us courtesy affiliate WRKF in New Orleans.


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