51% Show #1211

Sep 28, 2012

51% Episode 1211
Sept 27, 2012


Ayn Rand’s best known book, Atlas Shrugged, was written 55 years ago. But its message, and the philosophy it described, is important to understand in today’s American political scene.  Rand, who died in 1982, was a Russian immigrant who embraced the individual freedom she saw as part of the American experience. And she developed a philosophy called Objectivism, that held individual fulfillment and development as the highest good. That philosophy has been referenced by Republic vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan, by former Fed chairman Alan Greenspan and the libertarian party, though Rand rejected all political labels. But what exactly was her philosophy? Rituparna Basu is a writer for the Ayn Rand Institute .

11:26  Rituparna Basu Ayn Rand  Barnett

Rituparna Basu is a writer for the Ayn Rand Institute in California. 

Up next, the heart of the working mother debate…plus one woman’s shot at a baseball dream job.  If you missed part of this show or want to hear it again, visit the 51% archives at wamc.org.  This week’s show is #1211.


A philosophical debate about altruism will always, at some point, come around to the subject of children. There is no job, done well, that requires more selflessness than raising a family. And women have long been torn between the demands of work and family. Educator Leah Wolff-Pellingra had a chance to explore her own feelings at a professional training event.

5:23 Wolff-Pellingra Working Moms

Leah Wolff-Pellingra is an educator in Schenectady, NY.

And finally, a baseball story as the season winds down. My colleague, Wanda Fischer, who has hosted WAMC’s Hudson River Sampler folk music show for the past thirty years, got a chance this year to try out for the job of Boston Red Sox announcer. A dream job? You bet.

3:48  Wanda Baseball

Wanda Fischer is the host of WAMC’s Hudson River Sampler.


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