51% Show #1232

Feb 21, 2013

  March brings a huge change in the European Union – animal testing for personal products will be banned…and companies that test on animals won’t be able to sell their products there. That’s bad news for China, which requires animal testing, and many American companies, which cling to testing despite new test which are cruelty free.  Pascaline Clerc is senior director for animal research issues at the Humane Society of the United States.

Coming up, garlic and cider vinegar may be the answer to what ails you. 

It’s been a wicked flu season in the Northeast and much of the country. Did you take your garlic? Laurie 

  Steelsmith of Hawaii, a naturopath and author of Great Health Through Natural Choices, maintains that there are lots of things you can do for yourself that don’t require a trip to the pharmacy.

Finally, social networking is important – and not just for work. When you’re a new mother, face to face networking can be a lifesaver.  In the city and globally, parents make up the biggest category of meetup groups on Meetup.com. Correspondent Eli Chen features one of over 400 Mom Meetups based in New York City.

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