51% Show #1238

Apr 11, 2013

Credit Alex E. Proimos

With federal, state and local governments cutting funding for social services, many important programs are being pinched – or shut down altogether.  The Rockefeller Foundation believes social impact bonds may be the answer.  Investors pay for services, service providers do their job, and government pays the investors back if and only if the outcome meets expectations. I spoke with Kippy Joseph, Associate Director, Innovation at the Rockefeller Foundation of why social impact bonds might be the right idea at the right time.

 March is officially Women's History Month – and this week we're profiling a woman who believes we should never take “impossible” for an answer. After being told she wasn’t particularly smart, Mary Shultz, a professor of chemistry at Tufts University, set out to prove otherwise.

Stories from the Field is a production of the Chemical Heritage Foundation, produced by Mia Lobel. 

When my mother was a child, her mother made clothes for all the children in the family. Sewing was a 

Credit By Kheel Center, Cornell University

  necessary skill. Now, skilled tailoring is a dying art. Many of the best tailors hail from Italy where the tradition is unraveling due to a lack of training opportunities and the rise of designers. Nancy Greenlease reports from Italy – part of her series – Made in Italy, For Now.

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