51% Show #1246

May 31, 2013

Summer's coming – and many of us will spend weekends visiting places we can never afford to live. The 

author of a new book – Snob Zones – Fear, Prejudice, and Real Estate, profiles a handful of New England towns to examine how they've managed to stay exclusive.  But New York Times reporter Lisa Prevost found that by staying exclusive, they're paying a price that endangers their towns' future.

Coming up, more us vs. them, this time over light rail in California. 

If you think of LA – you probably think of bumper to bumper traffic. But there's a project underway to address the issue. The Exposition Light Rail Line from Downtown Los Angeles is under construction... and transit planners are hoping to extend the line from Culver City to Santa Monica. David Kates reports on the 

legal battle against two proposed routes near one West L.A. neighborhood.

The cities of America's industrial heartland were built by immigrants. Cities like Detroit, Cleveland and Pittsburgh are hoping another wave of immigrants will help reinvigorate the economy. Chicago-based reporter Niala Boodhoo reports for the public media project Changing Gears.

Finally, Gilles Malkine is back with a profile of a woman who saw a nightmare – and dedicated her life to keeping people safer on the job.

Gilles Malkine is a writer, actor and musician. He lives in New York's Catskill Mountains.

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