51% Show #1248

Jun 14, 2013

  With all of the problems we face in the world, it's easy to feel overwhelmed.  So the story of one woman who set out to change the world might be just the antidote you need.  On January 1, 1953, she set off from the Rose Bowl parade with a goal of walking the entire country for peace. She left behind her given name, Mildred Norman, and took up a new identity, Peace Pilgrim. She spent the next 28-years crisscrossing the country on foot. Zak Rosen has this profile.

The Iraqis you’re about to hear tell a story of a remembered landscape. It’s a story about how war blackened the city of Baghdad, split its neighborhoods along sectarian lines, and left its streets crammed 

with checkpoints and traffic. War News Radio’s Sabrina Singh and Amy DiPierro co-produced this piece on memories of the past and hopes for the future.

Lydia Ratcliff has farmed her 90 acre plot of land in Andover Vermont for 43 years. She left behind a city life and despite developing breathing issues, she's still driving the tractor in haying season. Producer Jenny Attiyeh looks into whether she's the last of a dying breed... or the future of small farming in Vermont.

That story comes to us courtesy of ThoughtCast.

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