51% Show #1263

Sep 27, 2013

This week on 51%, adapting culture for the tourist trade... and writing about the darkness behind the picket fence. 

Last week, you met the people who used to live in Grand Bruit, Newfoundland. They voted to close the town down and move away after the cod, which kept their economy afloat, vanished. This week, we have the next chapter – how tourism is being courted in Newfoundland to replace the fish that are gone. Sit back, relax and listen. From Homelands Productions, here is a map of the sea.

That story is from Homelands Productions of Newfoundland.

Up next, revisiting a literary genre that examined the darkness behind the picket fence.  

There's an entire class of noir fiction writers who have been overlooked for years – women who wrote some twisted, masterful suspense but whose names have vanished. A new collection, Troubled Daughter, Twisted Wives, features some of the best of those writers from the 40's to the 70's, and Sarah Weinman is the editor.

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