51% Show #1268

Nov 1, 2013

If you want to get ahead in the tech field, there are skills you won't learn in the classroom. We'll talk with a woman whose blog has become a business advising workers and entrepreneurs  in the tech field.

A recent science test showing that American girls are lagging behind boys has brought women in science back into the national conversation. More than 50 years ago, one group of engineers argued that training girls in scientific fields is not just about equality; it’s about the fate of our nation. Allison Quantz has this story.

And a blog first started by Poornima Vijayashanker, a founding engineer at Mint, has grown from a creative outlet to a business where she advises and educates people looking to move ahead in the tech field.

Poornima Vijayashanker is an engineer, lecturer and co-founder of femgineer.com.

Up next, science and art make beautiful music.   

  Through the ages, mathematicians have studied music, with the Pythagoreans of ancient Greece maintaining that all nature consists of harmony arising out of numbers.  

Producer Mia Lobel created this profile of sound artist Susan Alexjander, who uses vibrational frequencies from the natural world – from DNA to planetary spins – to create her music.

And finally, linking sound and memory.  From MIT's student program, Terrascope Radio, the story of one Indian classical singer, a crowded little apartment in Queens—and the sound that recalls memories leading her through life. 

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