51% Show #1277

Jan 3, 2014

What doesn't kill you makes you kinder... As we begin a new year, let's talk about the worst, and the best, of human potential.

According to a Business Insider study, one in three students in America today is either a bully or a bully's victim. More than 70% of students said they witness bullying at least once a day. 35% of students are harassed online. And most students say schools do a bad job of dealing with bullying. The link between bullying and violence is clear – and this week we're going to look deeper at an issue which has only grown more difficult with today's technology. Jodee Blanco was bullied as a young girl. It marked her for life – and it created her life work.  Blanco, the author of Please Stop Laughing At Me, travels around the globe, educating students, teachers and parents about bullying.

Coming up, remembering how it feels to be the new kid – and unwelcome – and a call to be a hero.

School days can be painful - whether you're the shy kid who doesn't fit in, the popular kid working hard to stay that way, the bully or the victim. Kris Garnier shares a memory of childhood – when she was the new kid just trying to stay under the radar.

Kristen Garnier is a writer living in Woodstock N.Y. and she runs FAST. This story was recorded by Chris Andersen at Nevessa Production.

  And finally, let's focus on the better angels of our nature. New studies indicate that not only do all humans have the potential to be selfless, to put others first – but doing so actually makes us feel good. Author Elizabeth Swoboda's book is What Makes A  Hero: The Surprising Science of Selflessness.

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