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Feb 7, 2014

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Canada's got a year to figure out its position on prostitution... A court decision is leading to new policy on sex for money in Canada, and we'll hear about our own country's prostitution problems.

Canada has one year to figure out where it stands on the issue of prostitution. A recent Supreme Court decision there struck down laws that had been used by law enforcement as a deterrent... and the fact is that without them, prostitution is legal in Canada. It's forcing the country to look not only at the sex industry, but at social problems that contribute to prostitution.  Journalist Sadiya Ansari recently reported on the case for Women's eNews.

Sadiya Ansari is a freelance journalist based in Toronto and a frequent contributor to Women's eNews.

Coming up, first hand accounts of a sub-culture that preys on young girls. 

There is a difference between human trafficking and prostitution – but one frequently leads to the other. According to ProCon.org, a non-partisan non-profit, California leads the nation in arrests for prostitution. Texas, Florida and Nevada are next – but you may be surprised to learn that Ohio, Tennessee and Maryland made the top ten, too.

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  Child prostitution goes on in America every day and every night - despite the efforts of Federal, state and local authorities. The FBI estimates 100,000 - 300,000 kids are being exploited. Through part of a Youth Radio special investigation: "Trafficked," we'll hear from two of them. For their safety, we're not using their real names. The girls we'll call Darlene and Brittany are originally from Oakland, California. 19 year-old Brittany and 18 year-old Darlene shared their stories with Youth Radio's Denise Tejada.

That story comes to us courtesy of Youth Radio. Listen here if you want to hear more from this award winning two part series.

And finally, a quick preview of next week's chat with artist Carolee Schneeman. She's been called an American treasure. A film about her life has been having its US theatrical premier in NYC this past week – it's called Breaking the Frame – a film by Marielle Nitoslawska with Carolee Schneeman. It's a project that's obviously close to the heart of an artist who has worked her entire lifetime to explore the edges of art – and go beyond them.

We'll have more of my conversation with Carolee Schneeman next week.

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