51% Show #1294

May 2, 2014

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This week, mothers take center stage... What we learn from our mothers, and making traditions work in a new era.

Mother's Day is coming up, so this week it's all about mom. We learn a lot from our mothers. More, sometimes, than they intend. Our families are reflections of our parents' interest, and that can lead to career choices once we've grown. Phoebe Judge features a mother and daughter who share an unusual interest - it's part of a series called This Is Criminal.

Coming up, a quiet revolution in a remote place – and mothers helping connect their children, and grandchildren, to traditions they've left behind. 

Papua, Indonesia's easternmost province, is one of the most remote and least developed corners on the planet. It's a hot spot for separatist fighters and a place where tribal culture is strong, including the domination of women by men.

As a result, attempts to develop this part of the world have faltered… or at least until now. A unique development project supported by the International Fund for Agricultural Development appears to be making a difference – particularly for women. Joanne Levitan reports for UN Radio.

Culture helps define us – and connect us to our family. So, how do you pass on the culture of a country you can’t remember? Three generations of the Hahng family in Portland, Maine, try to reconcile memories of Cambodia and genocide with a new American identity. Erika Lantz reports.

That reports come to us courtesy of the Salt Institute for Documentary Studies.

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