75th Anniversary of Bascom Lodge

Jul 8, 2013

  In celebration of its 75th anniversary this year, Bascom Lodge, the iconic Berkshire landmark at the summit of Mount Greylock, has planned a series of special events and programs related to the rich history of the Lodge, the mountain, the 1930s, and local history and folklore.

The Lodge has come a long way in 75 years. Built in the 1930s during the Depression by the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) to provide a rest stop and rustic accommodations for hikers, nature enthusiasts and vacationers, in recent years the Lodge has been transformed by its current operators, the Bascom Lodge Group, comprised of brothers John and Peter Dudek and Brad Parsons, in partnership with the Massachusetts Department of Conservation and Recreation’s Historic Curatorship Program.

The Brothers Dudek (John and Peter) and Brad Parsons join us now to tell us more.