Activists: New NY Minimum Wage Not Enough

Mar 27, 2013

Mark Dunlea of the Hunger Action Network
Credit WAMC / Dave Lucas

Wall Street may be booming but Main Street is still struggling:  activists vow to push for an even higher minimum wage in New York.

Although some say an American revival is underway, activists argue the current “recession recovery” has been the weakest in American history. Mark Dunlea with the Hunger Action Network says we’ve only seen about half the normal number of jobs come back into the economy:

“And what we're also seeing  as that  we've lost middle class paying jobs and what is being restored is the poverty level wage jobs,  and of course a lot of times those jobs end up, you know,  being a second job for somebody, because the first job isn't enough to make ends meet.”

Dunlea says his group is disappointed with how low New York’s minimum wage increase was, and plan to continue to campaign to set the bar higher as soon as the new increase is signed into law