Activists pushing for younger voting age

Jul 11, 2012

Teenage activists from Lowell are lobbying Massachusetts lawmakers to pass legislation that would allow for 17-year-olds to vote in the city's future municipal elections. WAMC's Ian Pickus has more...

Lowell high school students and recent graduates campaigning in favor of the "VoteĀ 17" proposal spoke to state lawmakers and Governor Deval Patrick Tuesday at the Statehouse.

Supporters of the measure say it will increase voter turnout for Lowell's municipal elections, which reached just under 20 percent in November 2011. They also argue that lowering the voting age will help engage younger people in elections and will encourage immigrant parents to vote.

Rep. Kevin Murphy, a Lowell Democrat, said while the measure has met roadblocks, he is hopeful it will pass the legislature and be signed by Patrick before the session ends of July 31.

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