Advocates: NY Will Benefit From Affordable Care Act

Aug 2, 2013

Recently, President Obama declared healthcare costs are growing at the lowest rate in 50 years.

Uninsured Americans face major decisions on health coverage, and the deadline is fast approaching.
The good news for New Yorkers is, they will have access to plenty of personalized help in making their Affordable Care Act choices.  Susan Dooha with the Center for Independence of the Disabled-New York says the Act is opening the door for up to a million New Yorkers to gain access to health coverage, and they won’t have to go it alone.

Congressional Republicans, who have continually voted in vain to repeal what they call Obamacare, say they will kill funding for major programs unless the president removes money for the Affordable Care Act. Dooha says that move would deprive many New Yorkers of substantial savings.

Dooha notes there are about one million people across New York State who don’t have health coverage right now.  Cecilia Munoz,  Director of the White House Policy Council,  explains everyone will have stronger coverage with more providers to choose from.

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Medicare is also adding more benefits under the Affordable Care Act: Jonathan Blum is Deputy Administrator and Director for the Center of Medicare at the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services.

There will be 50 sites in 61 counties providing New Yorkers with assistance beginning October first.