After 30 Years, The Heart of Rock and Roll is Definitely Still Beating

May 8, 2013


    In 1983, Huey Lewis and The News released their third album, Sports.

The songs on Sports are "The Heart of Rock & Roll," "Heart and Soul," "Bad Is Bad," "I Want a New Drug," “Walking on a Thin Line," "Finally Found a Home," "If This Is It," “You Crack Me Up," and "Honky Tonk Blues" (of course, a Hank Williams song). The band aimed each song toward becoming a radio single - during a time in the music industry when that what made the difference between sales and slipping into oblivion.

Sports had four Top 10 hit singles - and another that cracked the Top 20. It also resulted in iconic music videos in the middle of the first boom of MTV and sold almost 10 million copies.

To celebrate the 30th Anniversary of the record, Huey Lewis and The News will tour the US and the UK beginning this Friday and on May 14th they will release a special commemorative edition of the album - digitally re-mastered and containing a live concert version of each of the nine songs on the album.


We are thrilled to have Huey Lewis on our show - and equally happy that he is making the rounds so we can hear other fascinating conversations with him, too. 

Huey Lewis on Bullseye
Huey Lewis on WTF with Marc Maron
Huey Lewis on Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me
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